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The Top 5 Most Popular Outdoor Recreational Activities For Adults

Someone once said all work without play makes Jack a dull boy and the myriads of benefits which come from recreational activities give credence to that. Participating in these activities brings you physical, social, emotional as well as intellectual benefits. For instance, engaging in activities such as sports enhances the physical fitness of participants, and brings different people together hence building a reliable and safe community. It also enables people to understand each other better, therefore, enhancing the ability to socialize, reduces tension and stress by offering relaxation thus a better state of mind and many other rewards which lead to a better life. Nevertheless, there are myriads of things that you could engage in and hence making it difficult for you to settle on the best. If you are in that kind of dilemma, then you are in the right place because here are top 5 outdoor recreational activities.

1. Swimming

Marking number one on our list of top 5 recreational activities is swimming. It is the most common and also one which most people can easily access and on top of it all offers a low impact body work out. According to research, one hour of swimming helps the swimmer burn approximately 700 calories, and offers relaxation and intellectual fulfillment. Therefore, on the hot days, a swim will provide you with more than just fun. Lastly, you don't need a six-figure income to afford it, and thus it is one of the top 5 recreational activities.

2. Skating

Although many people may consider it difficult, skating is also an excellent outdoor recreational activity and one that comes with a lot of benefits socially, physically and emotionally. When it comes to the physical benefits, skating is equal to jogging hence helps in weight loss as it burns calories. It also provides the skater with fluid motion on the joints thus reduces the chances of osteoarthritis. As for the intellectual and social benefits, skating causes one to be creative as he/she tries to come up with moves which will make them stand out from the rest of the skaters. Hence improving their ability to socialize with others and make friends. Stay on the safe side of skating by always having a helmet on, knee and elbow pads and making sure that your skates are comfortable and also offer plenty of ankle support.

3. Mountain climbing

If you are among adventure lovers and you like recreational activities which are out of the ordinary, then there is no better way to take a break from your daily routine and have some outdoor time than mountain climbing. Although it is quite risky and challenging, mountain climbing helps in burning calories, improves the social life of the climber and also provides fulfillment especially when one manages to climb to the top. For mountain climbing ensure that you have the right protective gear such as a helmet, climbing shoes, strong ropes among many others and because of altitude-related sicknesses, stay hydrated by avoiding alcohol, carry medication with you and if you are planning to go on extremely high altitudes, carry an oxygen supply equipment.

4. Golf

Also known as the gentleman's game, golf's popularity continues to skyrocket as more people discover the benefits which come with it hence making it one of our top 5 recreational activities. Like the others on our list, it also comes with health, physical, social and intellectual rewards. For example, it helps the players improve their muscle tone and endurance, burns calories thus is a good weight management tactic, keeps your heart in tip-top shape, and is good for the brain among other health and physical benefits. It also offers the opportunity to meet and make new friends as well as an excellent way to reconnect with old ones. To prevent or reduce injuries, ensure you take lessons to avoid hurting others or even yourself. Also, ensure that you stand at least half a meter away from the swinging club and always be behind the current player and wear sun protection if you do not want to end up with sunburns. There is some accessories like push cart will help you to save energy.

5. Camping

Closing our list of the top five recreational activities is camping. It packs a punch of fun activities which the campers could engage in depending on the area they are camping on. For instance, camping in a forest offers a chance to go for hikes, biking and even hunting while doing so near a lake allows campers to enjoy breathtaking views of the lake, bird-watching, fishing, kayaking among many others. It also offers an excellent platform to reconnect with old friends and even create new ones. It is simple, cheap and enjoyable especially if you carry with you all the relevant materials for camping.


Even though we might take them for granted, recreational activities are just something we cannot do without. From enhancing our physical fitness to providing intellectual fulfillment and helping us create new and long-lasting friendships they play a vital role in our day to day lives. They spark off creativity and better growth for kids and reduce aging in adults. The above are just but the top 5 recreational activities, there are numerous others which you can find exciting such as sky and scuba diving. It all depends on your personality and what you like doing.

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