Best Stainless Steel Chopper Review

Best Stainless Steel Chopper Reviews Of 2017-2018

It is not easy to find the perfect knife for your kitchen that matches your expectations. Even though there is a possibility, that you would get lucky, we recommend that you go through this Stainless Steel Chopper review just to make sure you got the right choice! Things to consider when buying a chopper knife

First things to look for when buying a stainless steel chopper are butcher knife reviews. Many reviews will be recommending professional butcher knife set, but with this as your guidance, you will know which features to consider. This buying guide will show you every feature that a butcher knife needs to have, however, it is you who need to balance between features – price desires.

Butcher knife uses

Don’t start shopping for a butcher knife unless you have figured out what you are going to use it for. There are different handles for different uses. The blade’s material and shape also offer unique advantages depending on which one you choose. However, there are also universal ones for the “undecided” cookers!

The handle

Even though many people are overlooking this vital part of the knife, once you feel a knife with ergonomic handle, you won’t ever want to come back to a normal one. The handle should feel comfortable in your hand and cut products with ease. Imagine having to use that knife for 6 hours! As for the handle material choices, you have wood, polymer or synthetic materials. Every material has its different use, so it is up to you which one you choose.

The blade

The blade is a widely discussed subject in the professional chef world. However, there are few things that are considered universal features suitable for the common kitchen as well. Since the stainless steel is already decided as the most quality material, we will focus on the shape. The butcher cleaver has a straight blade and is more suitable for cutting meat and tendons. The curved one is more suitable for boning and cutting. So we are back to the usage subject.

Blade – handle connection

There are stainless steel knifes on the market with very little steel in them. You can notice them being very thin, even though the blade is made with 100% stainless steel. Besides looking for the blade’s thickness, it is important to consider how it is connected to the handle. The most quality butcher knives are made from one single piece of steel and the handle is forged to that main piece.

Balance of the knife

A quality knife should have a great balance. It should not lean to one or the other side, no matter what you are cutting. It is particularly important to consider this quality because a well balanced knife will provide effortless cutting and the opposite quality might lead to injuries. So choose wisely, and stay safe!

Stainless steel chopper review

1. Imarku 7-Inch Chopper-Cleaver-Butcher Knife

Special features:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Great sharpness
  • Easy handling
  • Possibility of multi usage

If you are looking for a gift for the cooker in your family, this is the one kitchen tool which would make a great first and lasting impression. It is easy to hold because of its stainless steel material and the handle made from wood. This natural handle material also prevents sliding when cutting, making it safer for hands and finger and easy to handle. I also live that the material has antibacterial purposes as well. Unlike other commercial butcher knives, this is a multiuse knife, recommended for cutting meat and bone, but also for mincing, slicing and dicing. Although its sharpness is undeniable, it is important to mention that its only downside is that it has difficulties cutting through soft vegetables.

2. 7 Inch Steel Chopper Cleaver knife

Specific features:

  • 7 inch cleaver knife
  • ABS +430 handle
  • commercial kitchen knife

This is a well balanced knife with comfortable grip which is sharp and cuts easily. It suffices a minimal amount of downward pushing energy to cut through hard products. It is kind of a universal knife which could come handy in the kitchen, no matter the product you are cutting; it handles meat and bones, as equally as vegetables. Its main disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a good packaging so you would have to think of storage to keep it in.

3. Cutterly 7 Inch Premium Stainless Steel Meat Vegetable Cleaver

Specific features:

  • Currently available in sale price
  • Thickness of the blade: 3mm
  • Rockwell stainless steel
  • Multi functional

Even though this knife is in the heavy cleavers category, it is light enough for you to use daily and don’t get tired in the process. The fact that it is made of one piece of stainless steel testifies for its quality. If you are looking for a sharp and well balanced knife which could be used for multiple purposes, this is the right choice for your kitchen. Its medium weight adds to the easy handling feature. Its main advantage is that it remains sharp longer time than competitive products, even though it is properly exploited.

4. Meat Cleaver - Stainless Steel Heavy-duty Butcher Knife - 8 Inch

Specific features:

  • 8 inch meat cleaver
  • Ergonomic handle, triple- riveted
  • hole on the corner for storaging it

This is a product recommended especially for meat cutting. It is very heavy, and it can even cut through beef rib. However, that same quality, makes it less suitable for cutting vegetables. It is sharp, and it is able to cut through vegetables, but its weight might come in the way of handling it. Since it has a real wood handle which makes it perfectly comfortable when holding it, but it is not to be washed in a dishwasher. All in all, it is a quality knife well worth the price.

Hopefully we have managed to answer the questions and doubts you had about butcher knives. Before choosing the alternative which is most suitable for your kitchen, make sure you go through all the features mentioned in this buying guide and decide which ones are more preferable.

If you have any questions and doubts about which alternative to choose, or maybe you would like to share your own experience with your current knife, leave us a comment bellow. We would be glad to further discuss the Stainless Steel Chopper subject with you!

Last Updated on 21 November 2017

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