Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath

You And Your Every Day Carry Knife Is Safe In Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath

The SOG SEAL is a renowned company for knives, tools and Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath worldwide. The company mainly produces ultra-modern usable Fixed and Folding knives. However, the wide range demand for their products made them especially famous. In fact, the SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed blade knife is one of the popular product of the SOG SEAL to the knife lovers

Materials and design: As the knife material is AUS-8 stainless steel, so, it looks very eye-catching for a black Titanium Nitride (TiNi) finishing. Otherwise, it has a longer lifetime. Because the Titanium Nitride coating is applied to the steel for peel and scratch resistance. An extra spine for notching, the deeper finger grooves, and thumb placement are the speciality of the E37T-K Seal Pup Elite knife. So, the E37T-K Seal Pup Elite knife has a new robust blade shape and a shiny cutting edge. Therefore, it also offers Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath with the product for reasonable price.However, the lucrative and handy design of the knife is very popular worldwide. Because the light-weight appliance is perfect for almost every work.

Size, weight and quality: The full length of the knife is 9.50-inch, Weight is 5.4 -ounces and thickness is 0.19-inch. So, it is very harder to tougher works. The size of the straight edge blade is 4.85-inch. However, the fixed blade has a shear point form for faster and deeper puncture into a solid stuff. Otherwise, the partially serrated blade has a versatile performance. So, the users-friendly knife attracts to the users on marketplaces. Generally, the stainless steel blade is processed under cryogenic heat treatment. As a result, for this process, the steel gets strength, harder, and heightened wear resistant as well. So, on buying, you will get the Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath available to keep safe your knife on the marketplace. And be hurry to have one before the stock got empty.

The pure GRN handle: The standard size handle is made of Glass-reinforced nylon (GRN). Moreover, the black finished handle is scratch and impact resistant. So, you can use it with oily and wet hand. Moreover, the finger grooves of the handles are designed well to handle easily. When you grasp it with your wet or oily hand, there is a zero chance to slip it away from your fist. This is why, your fingers never come to be tired after holding the handle for a long time use. So, all the way, It goes to have a safe use. Smile to get it with you.

A black Kydex sheath: On selling, the SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37T-K includes a black Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath for an extra care of your knife. Thus, the casing will keep your knife safe from any sudden incident or any type of scratches. Furthermore, for portability use of the knife, the sheath has a nylon lanyard, lanyard hole, belt loop etc. However, the use of Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath makes your daily movements with a knife more comfortable and enjoyable.

Where to use this knife?

    • This is a household appliance like to cut vegetables, meat, fish etc.
    • It also fit for hunting, fishing, and traveling.
    • The knife may come to help you from smugglers, miscreants etc.
    • Employees can use in small industries like to cut thread and
    • In Military services

How the SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37T-K looks in a quick view:

Product SpecificationFacts
The full length of blade9.50-inch
Only blade length4.85-inch
Weight (handle+blade)5.40-oz
Blade edgeStraight
MaterialsStainless steel-AUS-8
HandleGlass-Reinforced-Nylon (GRN)
FinishingBlack TiNi
Made inTaiwan
Universal Product Code739857991506
  • GRN=Glass fibre+Nylon
  • Kydex= Thermoplastic+ acrylic+polyvinyl+ chloride. Used for aircraft bulkheads, sheaths,firearm holsters etc.
  • TiNi= Titanium Nitride. A very hard ceramic. Applied for a thin coating on steel to improve surface properties.
  • We can use it almost everywhere from the kitchen to outdoors.
  • It is safe carrying in hand, in the pocket, in pocket clip etc.
  • Standard weight and size.
  • Re-sharpening is easy.
  • Product warranty available.
  • Have safe holster available on marketplaces.
  • The both sides of blade usable in different works.
  • The renowned manufacturing company.
  • Well-coated shiny blade.
  • Sharp and lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • The Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath is available on marketplaces.
  • Price is a bit high
  • It is forgettable to put it into holster after use.
  • Have fear of misuse by children unconcerned.

Frequently asked questions collected from popular customers:

Question: What is the manufacturing company and where it is manufactured?

Answer: SOG SEAL. Manufactured in Taiwan.

Question: How to use the serration part of the blade on blade spine?

Answer: When to cut glass, pipe, line etc.

Question: Within what time I have to inform to seller if I get it defect?

Answer: Read instructions given in warranty card during to cart the product.

Question: Is the knife sheath plastic or rubber?

Answer: No, It's Kydex. It comprises thermoplastic, acrylic, polyvinyl and chloride. Kydex is specially for firearms holster, knife sheaths etc. It's harder and long lasting.

Finally, the knife has excellent features like design, performance, weight and quality. This is the reasons, the SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37T-K is always acceptable to the knife lovers and online readers for the knife. The above-mentioned specs are well filtered for the valued customers who love work with the knives like me. So, if you really want to have a brand knife, however, I suggest you choose ones from the product of SOG SEAL. Because I know, the long lasting materials used in to sustain the life of knife by the company. Spencer Frazer, the company founder, and chief engineer had an articulate touch to create the product. Hence, the innovative, dependable, reliable knives and tools of the SOG SEAL bagged the fame and credit worldwide.

So, no doubt, surely, intentionally and interestingly pay for the knife and Sog Seal Pup Kydex Sheath that necessarily demand you or for your family in a life menu.

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