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Simply Fit Board Reviews: Your Ultimate Guide For Purchasing The Board

Balance boards are a big thing in health and fitness! You probably know that already because they have been trending for a while now. That goes to show just how important exercise is to our daily routine, and one of the most revolutionary products to come out of the trend is the Simply Fit Board reviews. If you love the global TV show Shark Tank then you may have seen this workout board on it. Yes, that is how popular it is!

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You can easily use this board at home or in the office. According to the manufacturer, when you use this exercise balance board you will get a slimmer waistline, toned legs, better physical balance and a generally stronger core. The fact that it is a low-impact fit board makes it even more appealing. But will you actually enjoy all those benefits when you buy the simply fit exercise board? Is it worth the price? Are there any downsides to this board? We are going to address all that and more. We will tell you everything that other Simply Fit Board reviews don’t, so sit back and read on.

Main Features

Let’s jump straight to the features before anything else so that you know what to expect when you buy the Simply Fit Board, shall we?


The Simply Fit core workout balance board is made of high-grade plastic. The material is light in weight but very strong, sturdy and durable. It can withstand a lot of impact and normal causes of wear and tear, so expect the board to serve you for a very long time. If it is damaged straight from the box you can return it for a refund or replacement. You also get to choose from a variety of colors, including blue, green, magenta and purple.


The fitness balance board measures 25.5 by 18 by inches and weighs a mere 3 pounds. That makes it one very portable balance board by any measure. It stores away very easily and you can carry it to work, school or on vacation.

Weight limit:

Despite its light weight and portable nature, the fit board supports up to 400 pounds. Even with that weight, it will still allow you to twist and work your entire core, leading to toning of abs and legs as well as improving your balance. If you have been struggling to lose weight but can’t find a good exercise board then this model will work just fine for you.

Action on floor surface:

The manufacturer says that you can use this board on any type of floor. However, for the best results you may want to stick to a carpeted floor. If your floor isn’t carpeted you can get a rag that is tightly woven with rubber backing. That way you will protect the board and your floor from damage.

The package:

The Simply Fit Board comes with a DVD that contains 6 handy exercise routines. There’s also a user manual to get you started. Other than learning how to exercise, you will also learn how to maintain the board.

How Does The Simply Fit Exercise Board Work?

The Simply Fit Board uses a simple mechanism. Both of its ends curve upwards, so when you stand on it you will be slightly off the ground. That forces you to maintain balance and in the process you get to work your core muscles. At first you are likely to have some trouble getting the balance you need. You may even notice that the board is sliding away or moving around the floor.

But you can manage that by placing your feet evenly on the curved edges of the board. There are textured circles to guide you. You can also hold on to a wall or any other stable object as you step on the board. Once you get some balance start rocking side to side and front to back as you familiarize yourself with the movements of the board and your body. That should give you control over the board, so that you will be the one dictating most of its movements. After establishing your balance, you can now start twisting from your core or hips. Note that it is your waist that should be twisting, not your legs.

When you are comfortable enough to do the basic twist without losing balance you can now add variety to your exercises. Luckily the Simply Fit exercise board comes with a DVD and user guide that contains additional exercises. You can also download the same from the company’s website ( There’s actually
a 5-day workout guide that contains daily exercises that run for 5 days. They include
basic twist, pushups, squats, planks, twisted bridges, bicep curls and others.

You can also use  hand massagers to maintain your body fitness. Massager is useful for better circulation. circulation is one of the main medias for better fitness.

Does It Deliver Results?

Absolutely! The exercises have proven very beneficial to many, particularly in balance training and  weight loss . The basic twist works several core muscles, including your abs, leg and back muscles. But you can add variety to your exercises for even better results. Here are four suggestions:

Simple rock:

Stand on the board with both feet facing the same direction and shoulder width apart. Now rock the board back and forth slowly but steadily, like a teeter totter.

Walking the board:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and then rock your board forwards and backwards to walk it.


Stand on the board with your feet shoulder width apart. Stretch your arms out in the same way that surfers do when riding the waves and then squad down. Stand back up and make sure you don’t lose balance when doing so. Repeat the movements.


Add hand weights to your board exercises. It’s as simple as holding the weights in your hands while you stand on the board and try to maintain balance. Start with light weights as you progress to heavier ones. This addition should help you work your upper body effectively.

With those additions you should expect very good results, whether your intention is to lose weight, improve your body balance (and posture) or simply stay fit. They will work a wider range of your muscles. Don’t forget to incorporate a healthy diet to your exercise routines.

In short, the board will deliver results as far as low-impact exercising goes. But you stand to gain more by adding variety to your exercises and also maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Also, judging from the Simply Fit Board reviews given by other customers, it is safe to say that you won’t regret purchasing this board. Most of them have nothing but good things to say about it. Furthermore, it is great for both men and women, and it serves users of all ages too. But of course if you are buying it for a child you want to ensure that they go through a guided balance training first before you let them use the board on their own.

Pros of the Simply Fit Balance Board

  • Effective when it comes to low-impact workouts.
  • Fun and easy to use for people of all ages.
  • Great way to lose weight or stay in shape.
  • Very handy board for anybody seeking to regain balance.
  • Easy on the body because you are not jumping, running
    or lifting anything.
  • Very portable board. Can be used at home, school, work
    or on vacation.
  • Supports up to 400 pounds of weight, which is more
    than enough for most people.
  • Manufacturer offers 60-day risk free guarantee.
  • Comes with a DVD guide and user manual.
  • Very responsive customer service. You can even contact
    them on social media.


At first you may feel like the board is sliding away from you. But that is just because you haven’t mastered how to balance on it yet. Once you do you will find it very easy to keep it in position. Also, remember to use an appropriate surface. We have already mentioned the type of surface that you should use the board on in the features section. Be sure to read that again.

Another thing that might be a bummer is the fact that it comes with a DVD (for lessons and guidance). Not many computers or devices come with DVD drives these days, so some people might find that as a disappointment. The good news is you can download the same material from the manufacturer’s site (


Overall, the Simply Fit Board is an amazing invention that will help you regain balance and stay in shape. If you are looking to shed off a few pounds this is the best board for you. At its price, you won’t find any other board that comes with as many benefits. It’s also a great way to introduce your young ones to exercise routines, so don’t be afraid to order the Simply Fit Board today.

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