Our newly established website maintains some privacy policies which will aware you about the secrecy and exceptional of our site. The following policies will help you to know the matters or facts of operating the website. This privacy policy will give you assurance and security about the site. You may have to enter your personal information and to believe on third party applicants or websites. Our policies will assist you to understand how we collect, store, secure your information you provide.

Enrollment of personal information:

As a viewer you have to fill up the registration form by giving your personal information. You have to impart your valid mail address, name, phone number, country, province etc. All the information will be under our privacy and protection of our team. This information is needed to contact with you for what products you have shown your interest. Demographic information like gender, age is optional. You may enter it or not.


Cookies are present in our website that will help us to know about your browsing history a little more. How many times you have browsed we know it by cookies. It is a piece of culminated data in our site that will let us know about your authentic access to our site and also about the frequent assessors. Here need to inform you that sometimes third party advertiser may inter into cookies which is their privacy policy. We will not take liability of it. It is your wish. You may disable cookies in your web browser from your PC or handheld mobile phone. The option is in your web browser security setting. But permanently deleting of cookies may disturb you to access the site. We use cookies for authentication and choices of users.


The security of our website is maintained seriously. We have customer service security option. You can ask any question if you have any query. They are in service to protect to save your data transmission to others. But it is not 100% sure that your data will not be transferred. If any software gets crushed it will not be our concern. But we can assure that your data will be stored securely to our site. Your information will be kept secret both in online and offline. In terms of sensitive information like data of your credit card will be encrypted in a secured store. You can check it by looking at the lock icon at the bottom of your web browser.


Our website is linked to other sites with which we have no control over. If you face these types of unnecessary junk types sites avoid them. We warn you to read properly the privacy policies before browsing that site.

IP Address:

IP means Internet Protocol by which you are connected to internet. In our web server IP addresses are connected as a part of profile information so that the web pages you request can be sent to you. This is called traffic data.


Our privacy policies may change due to convenient of time and but we will post all updates here.