Top 10 Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids – The Best Tips Ever for 2018

Kids are a playful lot full of energy and endless curiosity. This becomes, even more, the moment they step outside the house. As a parent, it’s always good to keep your child safe. There’s a high risk of injuries, health problems, and other accidents when taking part in the various outdoor activities. Constant supervision from parents might not work in most cases. The trick is to teach your kids some safety outdoor tips that will keep them out of harm’s way even when you’re not around. Below are simple outdoor safety tips for kids and why they matter most.

1. Inspect outdoor play area to check for hazards 

You never know what’s hidden out there in the playground. Truth be told, there are many hazardous items out there that might pose a great danger to your kids. From trash, sharp objects, tools, to fecal matter, there are many things that will put the health of your child at risk or cause serious injuries. To avoid this, you need to make a routine inspection to ensure the playground is safe and ready for play.

2. Ensure kids wear safety gear in high-risk sports

Even when the playground is clear of hazards, there’s still a chance that your kid might get hurt. This may be due to falling or impact during play. To avoid this, you need to ensure that they wear the right gear before stepping out to play. This is especially important in high-action sports, such as rugby, hockey, among others. Some of the commonly used gear include knee/elbow/wrist pads and helmets.

3. Teach them some traffic rules

Some sports are not limited to space within the home. For instance, kids who love to driving their favorite power wheels or biking might decide to go for a ride around the neighborhood. In such a situation, you need to teach them something about traffic rules. From road signs to street lights, your kid needs to have some good knowledge about these. This will help keep the risk of accidents at a minimum and help them maneuver with ease.

4. Device a safe set-up for the outdoor environment

Kids are a mischievous lot. You should always keep them under good monitoring to ensure they don’t go playing beyond the area you’ve set out for them. A good measure to take is to fence play areas, especially when it’s near ponds, streets, or high traffic areas. Be ready to burn a few bucks to install a gate. Outdoor electrical appliances that might pose a great danger to your kids need to be fenced to keep them out of the way.

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5. Look for playgrounds that have some form of cushioning

Paved playgrounds or those covered in concrete are not safe for kids. A fall may lead to serious injuries. The safe solution is to prepare a playground that feels soft to play on. Playgrounds covered in soft grass are fine. You can choose to cover the play area with shock-absorbing materials. These include fine gravel, sand, or some form of rubber matting. Ensure to provide generous coverage so that no hard areas are left exposed.

6. Provide some protection during summer

Long hours of exposure to sunlight does more harm than good. You’ll agree with me that kids are most active during the summer season and do all they can to stay outdoors. But with all the fun that summer brings, there’s a high risk of overexposure to harmful UV rays. That means you need to give your kids some form of protection. You can choose from hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen creams. Ensure they put on light clothing and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. This will ensure they enjoy all the fun without risking any skin problems.

outdoor safety tips for kids

7. Choose warm winter clothes

Each season has its own set of fun and safety concerns. The biting cold of winter might not be safe to play without the right form of clothing. In such cold conditions, your kids risk frostbite or hypothermia. To keep them safe and active, ensure to provide warm, heavy clothing. Dressing in layers helps so much in getting rid of the cold. Though not a must, clothing with waterproof outer makes a good choice for winter wear.

8. Give them swimming lessons

Most people can’t resist taking a dive into the water once the summer heat sets in. Kids alike find it difficult to resist the urge. However, it’s quite dangerous in case they don’t have any water skills. You can spare some of your time to give them swimming lessons. Even if your kids have good swimming skills, it’s always recommended that they do so while wearing life jackets. This is important, especially when they’re in a boat.

9. Teach them how to identify poisonous plants

Kids are quite curious and almost everything gets their attention. Let’s face it, our homes have hundreds of different plants that kids might encounter on a daily basis. Some of these plants might pose a high risk for kids due to their poisonous nature. Well, it won’t hurt to do a survey of your compound and show your kids the plants they ought to stay away from.

10. Teach them basic first-aid skills

Children who are past the toddler stage might do well with some basic first-aid skills. Chances are that some injuries might happen when you’re not around. A kid with some basic first-aid skills gives you peace of mind in case they’re playing without your supervision. It might even turn out to be a helping hand to other kids.

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Those that said prevention is better than cure were not wrong. This is one saying that you need to take seriously in case your kids love to spend time outdoors. And there’s no better way to do this than by taking into consideration these simple outdoor safety tips for kids. We know there are many other outdoor safety tips out there. However, these are one of the major ones to consider. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start putting them into practice and have peace of mind knowing that your kid is safe and sound when out there.

Last Updated on 21 November 2017

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