How to Use a Rangefinder Scope

How to Use a Rangefinder Scope | A beginner Guide

A rangefinder scope is the modern addition in the history of scopes into a rifle. A rangefinder reticle can find the accurate distance or in other words the range of an object. Scopes are being used in a rifle for getting accurate view of the target object from a long distance. But the magnified view is not enough for shooting or hitting the target. You need to know the actual distance of the object from your position to hit the target accurately. Also, you need to know where you are aiming at. That’s why it is important to have a rangefinder reticle feature in your rifle scope.

How Does a Rangefinder Scope Work?

The basic buildup of a scope is just a simple Galilean telescope. It has a concave objective lens and a convex eyepiece. The objective lens gathers all of the light and passes through the scope. After the magnification into the scope we can see the magnified view of the object through the eyepiece. But if your scope has a rangefinder feature then you can not only zoom your object but also you can measure how much far away the object is.

There are some measuring aids marked into the reticle. It can be bars or hatches or can be both. These bars or hatches are the units of a rangefinder scope. You have to look at the object through your rangefinder scope and then you have to count how many bars or hatches the object is covering. After that according to the unit measure you will be able to know how much far away is your target object.

How to Use a Rangefinder Scope

  • Setup the rifle and scope: To use your rangefinder scope accurately you have to take preparations at first. Mount the scope into your rifle accordingly. Do not try to act like an expert if you aren’t. Check the user manual at first before starting to set up your scope. Also add all other additional equipment into your rifle.
  • Set the magnification: The most important part of using a rangefinder scope is setting its magnification. Because the rangefinder scope only works perfectly at a particular magnification. For a military scope, the magnification is 10x. If you are not sure about the exact working magnification then use the user manual. You will find it there.
  • Take a look down into the scope: Now use your one eye to look at the scope. The other one must be kept close during your observation.
  • Place an object of known height: Place an object of known height say 4 inches somewhere. And then look through the scope from a distance. Through the scope you may see some bars or hatches are in there. From the base of the hatches count how many hatches the object is occupying.
  • Memorize the table for calculating the distance: There is a range-finding table which you should memorize for using it in practical field. For example, if that object with 4-inch length is occupying 5 hatches then the object is 100 yards away from you. If it is occupying only one bar, then you are 500 meters away from that object.
  • Now head for the practical field: After performing all of these procedures accordingly now you are allready to go for hunting in practical field. You can now adjust settings and magnification as your wish.

Difference Between a Rangefinder Scope and a Sniper Scope

A range finder scope is just a scope which can measure the distance from the object. That means it is just and measuring scope.

On the other hand, a sniper scope can be of various types including the rangefinder scope. It also can be spotting range scope, evening vision scope, tactical shooting scope etc.

Conclusion: Among all other vital scopes, rangefinder scope is the most broadly used scope. You know when you are just looking at a target you should also know its accurate distance from you for shooting. Because some rifles have a limit of distance for shooting. If it crosses the limit then it is quite impossible to hit the target. Now as you know the proper procedure of using a rangefinder scope I think you will find it difficult no more.


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