Chainsaw Sharpening Machine

How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpening Machine

Does your chainsaw blade is making you suffer to cut the wood evenly? It’s a common problem for the professional and occasional woodcutter. If you don’t follow some regular tips, you may end up being in an accident. So, you need a sharper saw performance for avoiding the dangerous saw accidents. A burning and buckling sensation is a common issue for the saw users. You can get the Best Chainsaw Sharpener for not facing these messy interruptions.

Ways to Use A Chainsaw Sharpening Machine:

A sharper chainsaw means mess free cutting experience. All you have to do is to get the chainsaw sharpener, a pair of gloves, and especially filing kit made for chainsaws. You will get this equipment in your nearby store easily. Now, let’s heed to ways to sharpen a chainsaw machine.

  • Fasten the chain brake and lightly clamp the bar vice.
  • Now, place the vice between the bolts.
  • Using the arrows on the vice filing to the beak of the bar.
  • You may follow the angle of the top coat of the cutter.
  • There are rollers on the vice to keep you away from the deeper side plate of the cutter.
  • You need to use steady ad strokes with the file.
  • Using 2 or 3 strokes until the face of the cutter becomes shiny and silvery.
  • You may release the chain after sharpening the several of the cutters and rotate the chain forward. It will tend to sharpen more cutters.
  • Now, reset the brake when you are done sharpening one side of the saw.
  • You have to flip the chainsaw after you’re done with sharpening one side of the chainsaw.
  • If you are someone who cuts with both side then you may want to sharpen both sides. You can sharpen another side then.
  • You can adjust the height of the depth gauges on the chain using the depth gauge filing tool.
  • Make sure you are sharpening your chain every time you refill fuel into the saw.
  • Keeping your chain clean, oil, and dirt free will give a sharper cutting performance.


Check Heights OF Depth Gauges:

Why checking out the depth gauges is so important? It has its own peaks and perks.

You have to check out the depth gauges along with the filing vice before every time you sharpen. If the depth gauges height obtrudes above the guide, you have to file them and flush with a tile.


You have to check the height of the depth gauge fins measuring the cutters with the depth-gauge guide. As you know the gauge repose on the cutters with an inserted slotted ridge on each ending point of timbers of the depth-gauge fin.


When the fin is higher than the ledge or ridge on the guide, you have to file it lightly with the flat tile. You don’t need to use extra muscle while filing the depth gauges. If you give access pressure, you may file away some of the ledges on the guide. And, it won’t match perfectly.

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