how to cut an onion

How To Cut An Onion Into Slices l Step By Step Guideline

There are tons ways to cut onions; you probably have your own way of doing it. It seems pretty simple, right? But how often do you find it messy to cut onions into slices, how many times do you experience a tearing effect on your eyes? Well, if it is all the times then you need to explore every bit of the following guide. Here, you will learn how to cut an onion into slices quickly and efficiently, without having to go through a messy, tedious and tear-inducing experience.

​Let's see why people crying during cutting onion:

Before, we head on the step to step guide on how to cut an onion without crying, let’s have a quick look at three common mistakes you’ve probably been doing when cutting onions.

1. Using dull knife

A Dull knife will crush everything on its way, so there is no way you will effectively cut an onion with the wrong knife. Take you time to choose a kitchen knife, keep it sharp and hone it before use.

2. Cutting the onion horizontally

There is no need to cut the onion horizontally; the onion already has a natural horizontal cut.

3. Cutting the ugly base of the onion first

Chefs will tell you that the base has active enzyme so in other words, the tear-jerking compound is concentrated on this end. So unless you have goggles, avoid cutting the ugly root part, as the compound will billow into the air and then onto your eyes, and even if you are an expert, there is no way you will cut proper onion slices with your eyes full of tears.

how to cut an onion into slices; Step by step guide

Again, before you start, get a sharp knife and a proper cutting board.

You should need to know​ properly slicing onions by this video:

Step 1: Cut the onion in half

First, you need to make what we call radial cut, which means cutting the onion in half right through the root. So you will be cutting from “pole to pole” not across the “Equator” The two pieces will have the basal plate or the hairy end of the onion.

Step 2: Slice away the tip

Cutting through the top end makes a little easier to cut the onion into neat slices, but do not cut the ugly part of the onion for stability when you are slicing.

Step 3: Peel the outer layer of the onion.

First, you need to get rid of the outer flaky skin on the onion, call the tunic; then, using your hand peel off the first layer of the onion. Lay the half flat on the cutting board.

how to cut an onion

Step 4: begin to cut your onion

Now you can start to cut the onion, remember you are slicing it along the line of “longitude” i.e. from the top end to the root end. Now here is a little trick. You need to hold your knife at a slight angle as you cut slight inwards, then towards the middle of your onion. You don’t need to go to the very center of the onion; all you need is to work radically from the center as you slice as thick or thin as you prefer.

Step 5: Stop and tip it over

When you are at the middle of the onion, pause and tip the onion over; this is important because it allows you to slice the other half without having to hold your knife at an awkward angle. When you tip it over, cut the part of the onion as you did on the first part. Be a little careful when cutting through this section so that the knife doesn’t slip catching up with your finger.

Step 6: Cut the root part

Now you can cut the root end as soon as you are done slicing the onion.

how to cut an onion without crying

Step 7: Repeat the process on the other half of the onion.

It can feel a little awkward, the first time you try this technique, and all you need to do is try it several times. Make sure you keep the onion close the edge of the cutting board so that you can get a knife-hand clearance. Doing this will facilitate the whole process, but of course, this is a matter of what preference; just do what you feel comfortable with you. Remember, it is always a good idea to cut an onion in a well-ventilated area, just in case you cut the root end of the onion that has a high concentration of compound that makes you cry.

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