How dangerous is the Bowie knife in a fight?

Bowie knife can be a dangerous knife in experienced hands but it can also be dangerous in wrong hands. The weight and size of the knife make it deadly. However, you will require some strength to be able to control the knife for it to stab or slash your opponent. If the survival knife is in the right hands and the fighter has strength, it can cut exceedingly deep and can end the fight with a single blow that leaves a deadly stab cut.

Factors that determine the efficiency of a Bowie Knife in a fight

1. Skills and Expertise

There are many people who will carry a knife with no formal teaching and only vague opinion on ways of using a bowie knife can be dangerous. The knife can be very helpful if you got the skill and can also be very harmful if you don’t know how to properly use it.

It is vital to note that knife fights are quick and bloody affairs. Thus, a person who has little experience can easily cut their rival and in case they miss, the foe will step in and convey several wounds before the user of the knife can recollect themselves.

2. Material

The material of your knife can determine how dangerous it can be in a fight. It is important that you consider the steel used to make the blade so that your knife can hold an efficient edge that is good for a fight.

3. Weight

The weight of your knife determines its effectiveness. A fighting Bowie should not be heavy but light so that you can execute your skills quickly.

4. Grind

It is important that you consider the grind of your knife. A good bowie knife should not be dull but sharpened to ease the effects of the knife.

Protecting yourself using a Knife

1. Evaluate the enemy

In case you’re carrying a knife, do not introduce it in the fight unless you fear for your life. The only time you should introduce your knife in a fight is when your rival draws a gun, knife, or other dangerous weapons in a frightening manner. It is important not to draw knives on attackers who are unarmed and learn to guard yourself without using any weapon. In case a person approaches you in a hostile manner, check their hands and at their pocket and if you see them drawing your knife, you should draw your knife also.

2. Learn to safely draw your Knife

It is essential that you learn to safely remove your knife from a sheath or pocket. Always ensure that the blade doesn’t point on your body while removing it. Maintaining a solid grip on the handle of your knife tightly up, away, and out in the dominant hand and have a defensive stance.

3. Properly Grip your Knife

There are various ways of gripping your knife that is used in knife fighting. Holding your bowie knife in the comfiest and secure manner depending on your strength and fighting style offers you the best way to fight and win. If you don’t have a preferred grip you can learn the forward and reverse grips.

4. Your body should be behind your Bowie Knife

While using a knife for protecting your body, make sure that you protect your neck, face and any other parts of your body. As you fight, make your body as tiny as possible and extend your knife-holding arm at 45 degrees in front of you.

5. Move Regularly

Move regularly and do not stand flat-footed. As you take your position, you should move four directions such as backward, forward, and circling left or right. It is necessary to move to all the direction to shield yourself and make it hard to be struck.

6. Use your knife as a disruption

It is important to have a mind that most of your attackers will not be interested in attacking you especially after you have pulled your knife. Ideally, look at pulling your knife just to disrupt your opponent with an aim of ending the fight.

Striking with your Bowie Knife

1. Back out of the striking range

It is important not to get close while fighting and try as much as possible to stay away from the opponent knife. It is necessary to keep on dodging and ducking while you wait for your moments to hit. If you feel like you’re going to be attacked by an opponent with a knife, take a full backward step.

2. Try to disarm your enemy

A person who is not experienced in a knife fight will take a wild slice close to your face. Any attempt to take a wild slash in your face is a mistake that should serve as a chance to swiftly stop the fight. When the foe strikes, you should counter strike with accuracy and swiftly that you will stop the fight instantly.

3. Never utilize your other arm as a guard

The common misconception in a knife fight is that you would want to block the slash with your other arm in an attempt of getting the knife of the opponent out of the way. If your opponent makes two or three slashes at your arm that you’re using to block, it can leave you with injuries and loss of blood.

4. Never throw your Bowie Knife

If there is one thing that would make you completely finished is to lose your knife in a one-on-one fight. It is extremely hard to shield yourself against an aggressor with a knife when you lack one. If you throw your knife, you will most likely lose your survival knife and also end up in a problem. Thus, keep your bowie knife in your hands at all time.

7 Knife Fighting Tips

1. Learn and understand the laws in your jurisdiction

Before getting to learn on the techniques of fighting, you should know the rules in your jurisdiction. The laws differ dramatically in states and cities. For instance, Florida allows any person to carry an obscured knife with a cutting edge of up to 4 inches. In New York City, you can be detained and charged for carrying any pocketknife. There are jurisdictions that you can carry any type of knife explicitly without the need to conceal it.

2. Find a Trainer

There are people who train practical and real-world techniques. If you want to learn knife skills for survivals, you should find people who teach martial arts and you will get to learn how to use bowie knife in war. The most efficient trainers are Indonesians and Filipinos.

3.Train to get cut

It is vital to learn how to get and endure the pain of a cut. There is no need of panicking at the view of your blood or any other person’s blood. If you want to be efficient in using a bladed weapon, avoid fearing using blood.

4. Build your hand strength and finger dexterity

Ensure that your survival knife feels like its part and parcel of your hand. Try to practice using it in your fingers and hands so that you can be able to effectively use it.

5. Build tolerance to pain

As you practice, learn to tolerate pain. The only way to tolerate the pain is realizing that it is there and you learn to overlook it. Learning to tolerate the pain helps you to be strong to a point of disarming your opponent.

6. Learn to coordinate your hands

It is essential to learn how to coordinate your hands effectively so as to trap and stab, trap and cut, and ensure that your hands move in circles.

7. Learn to Step

Train to step by learning how to pivot, turn, and evade. It is also important to learn how to time and keep a distance while doing some footwork.

Final Thought

A bowie knife is one of the deadliest knives that can be used in a fight. However, the user should have extensive training on ways of using it. The skill of using a Bowie is incredibly rare and this makes it dangerous to use the knife with less knowledge. The article has highlighted the various factors that determine the efficiency of a bowie knife in a fight. Also, it has explored ways of shielding and striking with your bowie knife. Additionally, the discussion has examined on tips of becoming a better knife fighter that can help you to enhance your skills.

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