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High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives, A Trustworthy Servicing Knife

Why to Think of High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives?

Knife is an indispensable part of human life to carry out daily activities. It can be of various types or sets. Chef’s knives block knives, boxed knives, boning & fillet knives, bread knives etc are different sets of knives. High carbon stainless steel knives are mostly used in kitchen purposes though it totally depends on you for what reasons you are looking for that. When you will look for kitchen knives you have to know the concrete information about the knife you will have.

A good kitchen knife mainly should have 3 qualities. Firstly, it should have capability of being stretched. Secondly, it should be resistant of stain. Thirdly, it should have sharpened edge. Again in single steel these 3 may not occur together. But in high carbon stainless steel knives you will get the presence of three qualities .The quality of good knife again depends on flexibility, durability, sustainability of blades. Like perfect handle types blade types are sign of good knife. Now day’s manufacturers come up with multi types steels for blades of knife. If you are a little bit of serious about cooking then you have to invest few times before buying. And you can fully trust on high carbon stainless steel knife in this respect which will cover all the areas above mentioned. So let’s know the reasons and facts.

Reasons to combine carbon and stainless:

In market, there have two types of steel alloy like carbon steel and stainless steel from two which knife seekers choose basically. The fact is carbon steel consists of iron and carbon and on the other hand stainless steel consists of iron with chromium. But none the alloy can alone be best rather high carbon in stainless steel can carry the good quality of blades in a knife. Though, stainless steel is softer than carbon still it does not have in most cases a sharper edge. In this area carbon steel is in forward than stainless. Also even though carbon steel is harder than stainless and steel it is easier to sharp than stainless. In contrary stainless steel is less risky of culminating stain. In this sense, you can think over the two qualities in same steel and high carbon stainless steel covers the required criteria.

From market visit, you will see that carbon steel are of 4 types depending on the use of carbon. Among them high carbon steel contain carbon from 0.6 percent to 1.0 percent. It also have proportionate amount of manganese which increases the harden ability of steel in a knife. Carbon steel even though is longer and sharper it is only prone to be rusted without the presence of certain amount of chromium in steel.

Synthesis of high carbon stainless steel knives:

Percentage of chromium defines whether steel is stainless or not. To be stainless the alloy must contain 14% chromium. The more you add chromium the more it will be stain resistant. But the excess use may make it rough. Now a day’s modern metallurgy do not think problem to mix 1% above carbon in stainless steel. But before it was less than 1%.

But the combination of stainless steel with high carbon is free from rust and corrosion. From public comments and opinion we find that they neither adapt with only stainless steel nor with carbon steel only anymore. From their demands manufacturers come up with the synthesis of both types of steel in a one. As the total matter depends on the mixing of carbon and chromium in a certain amount it will be a high proof of stain and deterioration. It is also durable and the metal is hard enough to be sustainable. Adding chromium to keep the steel stain resistant makes the blade sharper. Try to follow manufacturer’s instructions to keep your steel alive as far as you will. If you get the high carbon stainless steel then you can be assured that you have got the best combination of each alloy.

Arenas of Usage

  • Generally for kitchen purposes
  • Typically for manufacturing purposes
  • Often to cut springs and high strength wires
  • Also for cutting tools, punches, dies and industrial knives


  • High carbon stainless steel has very shiny and decorative coating that makes it to look lucrative and productive.
  • High carbon steel will make you active to keep it always special and care. That’s why you will don’t get idle.
  • It doesn’t get taint or blemish as you always in service to care it.
  • It has sharp edge and you can easily sharp it when it will get dull.
  • High carbon stainless steel knife unites the toughness of carbon steel with the protecting power of rust stainless steel.
  • It has got popularity in the kitchen types activities. As the kitchen knives should be strong and sharp enough to cut food easily high carbon containing stainless steel full fill the demand of sharpening and strength.
  • Also high carbon stainless steel knives remain ok in moist atmosphere inside the kitchen.


Every material has some downsides if not properly cared like blades of knives. High carbon stainless steel knives also will be rusted or dampened if are not taken care properly. It demands cares and maintenance from users. You have to use the knife regularly to maintain the sharpness of it by cleaning it with oil, keeping it dry. Depending on proper treatment you will get good feedback from it like it will sustain its sharp edge as before. Carbon steel knife is more fragile and brittle by adding greater quantities of carbon to the alloy mixture. . If you are little bit careless about the knives usage then you can undoubtedly choose the high carbon stainless steel knives.


In the form of synopsis, from the above information we can say that high carbon stainless steel knives are the best demanded knives that possess all the qualities you deserve. This is because the knife has an excellent blade shape that makes it very easy to sharp. Besides this, it has a high-quality blade that is made from stainless steel with the presence of high carbon. It is to mention you that the knives will guarantee you high quality and durability. They are very versatile and ergonomic in nature. You can get them by ordering in online and can get the product quickly. They are relatively cheap and affordable. Buy it today and hope you will love it.

Last Updated on 13 December 2017

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