fishing vs hunting

Fishing vs Hunting? Is Practicing Fishing Better Than Hunting?

Fishing vs Hunting? Are you confused about this? Let's see what's happen, which is better fishing or hunting. 

Hunting is an activity practiced by people to kill or trap animals. Hunting is an ancient human activities that are still being practiced until now. Together with the advancement of human civilization, the practice of hunting has also evolved into a much secure, convenient, and exciting activity that modern man has enjoyed doing. In the past, hunting serves as the main source of living and food for the people. They hunt animals to provide for their families.

So today’s our topic is fishing vs hunting

Why People go for hunting

Today, although the same notion may still apply for those hunters killing wild animals for food, there have also been other benefits and advantages that modernity has attributed to hunting not only for the human beings but also for the wildlife and society in general. Among the other forms of significant benefits that hunting provides for the other animals in the wild is the human induced support for balancing the population of certain wildlife so that they remain within the bounds of the capacity that such natural habitat and ecology can accommodate.

This is especially advantageous to the areas or locations where predators are very few or worst absent such that the population of certain preys unwontedly increase exponentially creating imbalance of available space in the ecological capacity.

Other than the provision for food and better management of the wildlife and ecology, hunting can also be a nice to create bonding with friends and family. In most instances, this bonding during hunting is manifest and developed through team planning, strategizing, and implementation in order to hunt as many games as possible.

fishing vs hunting

In the course of the said exciting and thrilling activity, the persons are enabled to appreciate nature, learn teamwork, actualize plans and tactics, and understand the difficulty of providing for food for the family. These additional benefits though can only be properly achieved if the family or group makes a follow through discussion about the recently held hunting expedition. There is a plethora of other benefits that every hunter can derive from hunting depending on the nature and outcome of the said outdoor activity.

Apparently, hunting has transformed significantly now only in the realm of concepts but also in actual practice. In the aspect of changes in the notion of hunting, there have been various objectives and advantages of this activity other than solely for providing of food as it was before during the old times.

There are now modern tools and equipment as well that are applicable and some are even exclusive for hunting such as gears and weapons. These developments have made hunting more and more popular to all economic brackets of society. Hence, even the rich who can conveniently provide for their own food provision also perform hunting certainly not only because of the food that they can gather but because of the fun, excitement, and social and environmental benefits that hunting can provide for them. This modern view of hunting makes the said outdoor activity more interesting and applicable for almost anyone interested. Thus, hunting is still being practiced around the world despite the advancements of human civilization for over the past millennia.

Why Fishing?

Fishing: The act, occupation or sport of catching fish. This is the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language description of the term "fishing". To add "recreation" to the list would not be a mistake at all since fishing has become a popular leisure activity recently.

An experienced fisherman wouldn't need to read this article since it will not provide him with anything new. Surely he already knows all the techniques and the "secrets" of successful fishing. If you are still new to the subject though or are looking for a stress-free and intellectually stimulating hobby, than you've found the right source of information. Here is some basic information about the various fishing techniques and some of the best places where you can go fishing.

The Basics.

fishing vs hunting

First of all let's quickly go over the main fishing techniques. In general defining fishing styles is not an easy task as each style depends on both the technique used and the place. There are freshwater, sea and ice fishing as rod & reel and fly fishing. In all of the above baits or lures are used as well as fishing rods. Of course special tackles are used for each fishing style.

Once you find which one is better for you (according your personal preferences and the convenient fishing places in your area) go and get all the needed tackles. A good start for beginners is the rod and reel fishing since it involves simple technique and most of the water areas in which fishing is allowed are suitable for rod fishing. Moreover the most common way of fishing is from a shore casting into the water. It doesn't require a boat, bait or a lot of skill.

Where to fish?


Once you've got all the equipment required it's time to decide on your first fishing destination. A good start is to go to fishing place in your area, preferably along friends of yours who are more experienced than you. Once you gain some experience you can increase the difficulty level by going to fishing places that require much more skill or try boat fishing. Another opportunity is to enroll in a fishing club and start attending fishing sport events. It has no much difference than the recreational fishing, just an extra spicy sport spirit. The ones hungry for more exiting fishing adventures can explore fishing places abroad for famous fishing destinations. The list is quite long as there are several top fishing destinations almost in any country so the best thing to do is to make a research and pick up the one that best suits your requirements in terms of budget and fishing style

Fish finder and how they are used

A finder is a gadget that serves as a manual - it measures the depth of water in a given place where you're fishing, it also reveals how much feature is under the water. You'll see which type of features is below the water. A fish finder is especially useful for location of fish that one may not see by showing location is likely to hide.

Fish finders use technology called sonar, to calculate distances between your spot and under the water. Sonar will also tell you the diameter of objects apart from the fish that are found in the water. In order to work properly, you'll have to have a transducer attached to the bottom of your spot. After the sonar is installed, it's time to set the pace on your device. This helps one to determine just how fast your boat needs to be going so as to ensure a great catch.

There is an in-built GPS system that guides one to the point where most fish are already gathered the units are accurate, there are things one can do and others one can't. While the GPS can find fish, it can't tell the difference between fish and objects which are similar in size. You also won't be able to tell the depth of certain objects when you have GPS, hence why the technology is so important.

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