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How to Choose a Hunting Backpack | The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the best hunting backpack gives the guarantee that you will be able to carry everything you need in your hunting activity. The Perfect backpack can help you to avoid discomfort which causes some type of injury. The first thing we must be clear that a single backpack cannot be suitable for everything. So we must choose the one that best suits the mode of hunting that we practice more regularly.

In the market, you will find a multitude of different models, in different colors, sizes, prices. You can not be guided solely by the external appearance of the backpack, not even by its size. You should consider many factors. We will go into this topic further.


hunting backpack

A good bag will be the one that will be comfortable and durable. Since we will share many hours with it behind us, it must satisfy the demands of comfort, stability and durability.

To ensure that this it is convenient to know the different parts that makes up a backpack.

Body: A tall and narrow body will transmit the load better in vertical and will be more glued to the back. This offers us some freedom but, of course, also reduces the capacity of the backpack.

Wide backpacks have a larger capacity or volume.

Frame: This is responsible for supporting and transmitting the load to the belt, therefore must have an acceptable stiffness. There is a multitude of materials and designs so we must choose one with the rigidity which is suitable for the load that we intend to carry.

Back: This is undoubtedly the key part of any backpack since it will determine the level of comfort that offers us. To ensure this comfort, the vast majority of models include padded backs. It is important that this padding is not excessive since in that case we run the risk of removing the load from our axis of gravity.

In addition, it is advisable that the backrest has a suitable aeration system (ventilated back).

Waist Belt: For many, this belt is the most important part of the backpack, since it allows the load to be transmitted properly, transferring the weight to the hips and preventing it from relying on the shoulders and back. The waist belt is responsible for keeping the backpack firm in our back, preventing oscillations that could unbalance and even injure the area.

This belt should be soft on the inside (for comfort) and rigid on the outside (for greater strength).

There is no doubt that it should be made of a material that guarantees its durability.

Shoulder pads: they are in charge of stabilizing the load and distributing the weight. If we take them very tense, we will cause the shoulders to carry with them a large part of the load (which is undoubtedly a serious error).

There is no doubt that the wider the weight distribution the better. We will, therefore, look for those that are wider but comfortable.

Pockets and ropes: it is important that the backpacks have external pockets and rope systems that allow storing small elements of the equipment with the possibility of having easy and direct access to them.

Some models include quick access pockets in the waist belt.


Without a doubt, one of the most important points when choosing our backpack is the size of it. However, if we buy a backpack that is too large for the activities we do, it will be heavier and may end up being uncomfortable, and it may prompt us to fill it with things that are not really needed and that all they bring is a greater burden on our back

At the opposite end; If the backpack is too small, it may end up being simply useless: we will not be able to put all that we need into it.

For the weekend hunt a backpack of 3,000 cubic inches may suffice. For a longer period we should look for a bigger backpack. Usually between 4,500 and 7,000 cubic inches.


hunting pack

Finding a backpack which is suitable for your hunting mode should be your first priority in your hunting preparation since it will be responsible for helping you to transport the necessary equipment during your hunting days.

It is usually practical to have side pockets that allow transporting a terrestrial telescope and a small tripod. A system may also be useful for securing the weapon to the backpack.

In short we look for a backpack adaptable to our physiognomy, with a capacity of adjustment, comfortable and lightweight but without sacrificing durability.


The adjustments are responsible for keeping the backpack tightly attached to our back, shoulders and hips. To make the backpack comfortable, it is imperative that we know how to adjust it.

You can adjust your backpack by following these simple steps:

Loosen the straps

Attach the waist belt tight. The placement of this belt varies depending on the volume of the backpack.

Backpacks of 50 liters or more: the belt should be placed on the hips.

Backpacks less than 50 liters: will be placed at the waist.

Backpack chest strap:

The chest strap is attached to the shoulder straps and closes with a buckle. You should be able to adjust the length of your chest strap. For example, you can attach a small moistened cloth to the chest strap to wipe off your forehead from time to time. But the most important feature is that the chest strap keeps your shoulder straps in position, providing more stability when carrying your backpack.


Before buying a bag is very important that we are clear what the requirements that we must demand are.

Provide the possibility of proper weight distribution

The weight of the backpack should be distributed between our shoulders, back and hips. Nowadays many of the backpacks are ergonomically designed to guarantee this point.

To be 100% reliable

Reliably we mean that it offers a guarantee that it will not break or that there will be unfortunate losses of the material of its interior.

The quality of the material

Of course, this point is linked with the previous one, since for a backpack to be reliable it is necessary that it is made of materials of guaranteed quality that resist the abrasion and the constant rubbing.

The system of Seams

The seams join the different parts of  backpacking stuff and, therefore, their importance is vital. All the seams of the backpack must have quality. Double or triple stitch is preferable if not, there should have some type of effective reinforcement system.

The thread of the seams should be high strength and indestructible. As an ideal, we can name the 100% high-quality polyamide yarn.

It should be comfortable

This is important, if the backpack is not comfortable, we will not want to throw it behind our back.


Backpack will weigh enough when we load it with everything we want to carry, why increase the load more by buying a backpack that alone is heavy?

All the tips provider here are meant to help you. Remember you will get what you pay for. So buy a hunting backpack from a reputed company and enjoy it for a long time!!!

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