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How dangerous is the Bowie knife in a fight?

Bowie knife can be a dangerous knife in experienced hands but it can also be dangerous in wrong hands. The weight and size of the knife make it deadly. However, you will require some strength to be able to control the knife for it to stab or slash your opponent. If the survival knife is […]

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How to Use a Rangefinder Scope

How to Use a Rangefinder Scope | A beginner Guide

A rangefinder scope is the modern addition in the history of scopes into a rifle. A rangefinder reticle can find the accurate distance or in other words the range of an object. Scopes are being used in a rifle for getting accurate view of the target object from a long distance. But the magnified view […]

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Morakniv Bushcraft

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Review

The Morakniv Bushcraft knife combines several great tactical design ideas into one knife. It has a very agile and precise blade, a burly handle that keeps your hand safe and that offers a firm grip and a great sheath. It comes with a sensible set of accessories. Morakniv Bushcraft Black Specs The Morakniv Bushcraft is […]

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Choosing the Best Fillet Knives

Choosing the Best Fillet Knives for Your Next Fishing Trip

Whether you’re planning a fishing trip, you’re getting ready to prepare a fish dinner at home, or you’ve got plans to do both, you’re going to need a good fillet knife at your side. Here’s a short guide on picking the best fillet knife for your needs. Why You Need a Fillet Knife When you’re […]

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backpacking pillows for travelers

Why You Should Carry Backpacking Pillows for Travelers

To lead a healthy life sleep is a must. For proper brain and body function, scientists suggest for 7 to 8 hours sleep. This theory should be applied when you go for a tour too. For a sound sleep, people need comfort. Pillow provides that comfort that is why pillow come in mind first whenever […]

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Laguiole Knives

Laguiole Knife 101: A Complete Guide to Laguiole Knives!

You need to carry a handy knife at all times. It is a risky world outside, but that should not mean that you stay cooped up in your home. Venture out with a trusty knife! It can be a weapon in adverse situations, and a trusty side-kick for everyday situations (like opening a corked bottled)! […]

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Adventure Travel

8 Things You Should Keep on Adventure Travel

This year I was pretty much busy on travelling. I had quite a lot of tours in different countries. As an adventure lover m choice was always the forests, sea and mountains. In these travels I came to understand a terrific fact. It is without some must keeping item with you during the travel, you […]

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turkey call

How to Make a Turkey Call

How to Make a Turkey Call Wild turkeys communicate with each other using various sounds. Hunters take advantage of that while hunting turkeys. Turkey calls are the signal turkeys use to communicate with each other and the sound that the devices make; which the hunters use to imitate turkey’s vocal. If you’re thinking of going […]

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Who doesn’t love playing paintball game? It’san active combat sports, full of fun. It’s totally adventurous and heroic kind of game, giving the feel of some action movie, doing a competitive team task. To accomplish the goal in paintball is really thrilling and make young kids to crave for it more every time. To play […]

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Chainsaw Sharpening Machine

How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpening Machine

Does your chainsaw blade is making you suffer to cut the wood evenly? It’s a common problem for the professional and occasional woodcutter. If you don’t follow some regular tips, you may end up being in an accident. So, you need a sharper saw performance for avoiding the dangerous saw accidents. A burning and buckling […]

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