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The Best Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Is What You Get Helping All The Way

However, I know you have already kept Google, Yahoo, Bing busy for the best spring assisted pocket knife. You have significantly evaluated the necessity of the simple but great knife. The thing is little one, but the working area is wide-ranging. You have knocked the right place for the right thing you need. I’m reviewing here the common cases that generally happened for the best spring assisted pocket knife.
As the whole body of the knife is armed with a blade, a saw and a bottle opener etc. so, the every segment of the knife is every taste at works. Let’s have see the leonine performance of the spring assisted pocket knife.

knife: for a plain cutting job, the sharpened edge shiny blade comes first.
Part saw: for a hard cutting, the serrated saw is quite enough alone.
Part bottle opener: and for a well-capped bottle, the opener is ready there.

What more? Yes, the cutting, the prying, the striping and the slicing are also enlisted in the services of the best spring assisted pocket knife. You are on the right track. So, stay for munites for more surprising features you have ever come to know.

There are some popular brands of Best Spring Assisted Pocket Knife:

Brand-1. The Knife of Alpha Tek Limited:

Spring assisted opening and closing response: at a critical situation, to pick your knife up in lightning speed from your pocket is a must. You, therefore, don’t worry! Because you have a spring assisted pocket knife with you. Moreover, it is so handy that you can handle it one-handed. And when to close your knife, the CAM system will close the blade in your pocket. So, have a long sigh of relief.

440C HIGH-CARBON SOLID STEEL: the best spring assisted pocket knife is an everyday carry a drop-point knife (EDC). 440C high carbon steel is used to get the knife durable, long lasting and sharp cutting edge. Due to have a partially serrated stainless steel with black stone wash coating, that is especially more powerful and useful than a tradition knife.

Light weight handle: However, G10, a glass reinforced resin composite that specially used for making the knife handle. Knife industries are very keen to use this material to have the knife handle hard and durable. The wear resistance handle is very popular to the knife lovers.

Brand-2. Kershaw K.B.O. Spring assisted pocket Knife:

Kershaw K.B.O is really a famous brand of spring assisted pocket knife in reasonable price. It is designed with a bottle opener and multi-wrench cutout system. Hi-tech stainless steel is used with a flipper opener and a lock-frame handle. The handle and the blade are especially stonewashed finish for long durability. The brief specifications are given below:

  • Knife Type(Knife): Spring Assisted
  • Blade Style(Knife): Drop Point
  • Blade Grind(Knife): Hollow
  • Overall Length(Knife): 8.375"
  • Blade Length(Knife): 3.75"
  • Cutting Edge(Knife): 3.625"
  • Weight(Knife): 5.23 oz
  • Handle Length(Knife): 75"
  • Handle Thickness(Knife): 0.40"
  • Blade Thickness(Knife): 0.10"
  • Edge Type(Knife):Plain
  • Opener (knife) : Flipper, Thump stud

However, the above are the clear highlights to buy the best spring assisted pocket knife. So, according to your regular requirements, you can consider the knife for you in use.

Brand-3. The Combative Edge M1 Spring Assisted Pocket Knife:

This is an another best spring assisted pocket knife. The model has spring assisted functions for quick operation. The stainless steel made knife with 6061-T6 aluminum handle, diamond -grip patch and a carry tip-down-up pocket has an incredible demand in marketplaces. The plain edge knife is black finished and nice to look at. As a result it has a good demand in the marketplace.

The important specifications are as :
• Blade Material: PSF27
• Weight: 5.38 oz.
• Overall Length: 9.00″
• Handle Length: 5.125″
• Blade Length: 3.875″
• Handle Thickness: 0.60″
• Knife Type: Spring Assisted
• Handle Material: Aluminum
• Pocket Clip: Tip-Down
• Lock Type: Liner Lock
• Opener: Flipper, Thumb Stud
• Best Use: Everyday Carry, Tactical
• Blade Thickness: 0.15″
• Blade Style: Clip Point
• Country of Origin: USA
Here is my responsibility is to point out the necessary features as a help to buy you your favorite knife. I, therefore, almost done and the rest is rolling over you to choose and get the knife as your own.

Brand-4. Meyerco-Maxx Spring Assisted Pocket Knife:

However, the Meyerco Maxx-Q is an also super brand for the best spring assisted pocket knife among others. Otherwise, the spring assisted and solid lock-up technology is really great for the knife. The raw material of the knife blade is AUS-8 stainless steel. Otherwise, the thick tip of the knife is very strong to penetrate the solid things easy. The handle is awesome. CNC milled G-10 handle is used for a comfortable grip. In one word, it’s a good item to buy.

Specifications at a glance:

• Overall Size: 7.875″
• The blade Size: 3.25″
• Knife blade Components: AUS-8 Stainless Steel
• Style of blade :Drop Point
• Blade Finishing: Black
• Cutting Edge Type:Serrated
• Length of Handle: 4.625″
• Handle: CNC milled G-10
• Knife-Color: Black
• Frame or Liner: Pure Stainless Steel
• The weight of the Knife: 4.20 oz.
• Pocket Clip: Tip-Down
• Knife Type: Spring Assisted
• Opening Function: Flipper, Thumb Stud
• Lock Type: Liner Lock
• Model Number: MFDRMQ4AO
• Designer: Darrel Ralph
• Best Use: Every day Carry
• Brand: Meyerco
• Model: Maxx-Q
• Country of Origin:China

The finishing touch: finally, I want to say there are more popular brands for the best spring assisted pocket knife in the marketplaces. However, the above-mentioned brands’ product descriptions will help you to buy the best one. In addition, I have hardly found the differences in quality, material, function etc between them. It quite depends on the style of using the knife. Moreover, the caring issue of the knife after use is more important. I mean, just take care of your knife before and after use. So, the concepts of the buying guides mentioned above will be a bit helpful to buy a knife you choose. So, get it as soon as possible. Because it’s especially for you.

Last Updated on 13 December 2017

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