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Best Sharpening Stone For Kitchen Knives | An Ultimate Review

Before reviewing the best sharpening stone for kitchen knives it is important to know some basic thing about these stones and their use. A sharpening stone is one of the main tools used in a kitchen for sharpening the edge of the knives of the chef excellently. The information provided here under will help you to know closely about the sharpening stone in your kitchen.

Different types of sharpening stones

Normally sharpening stones are used to sharpen the edge of your kitchen knives but availability of various types of sharpening stones makes it necessary to know them briefly to avoid confusion.

Natural stones: Natural stones are abundantly used all over the world for sharpening knives since long. But today they are rarely used due to closure of stone mines in various countries. So due to shortage of their supplies the price of good quality stones is a bit higher than other sharpening stones. But if you want to use natural stone for this purpose then instead of using cheap one you should use it with water to sharpen your knife easily.

Oil stones: The sharpening stones of this type are normally found on hardware stores these days. They are available in different coarseness in different countries ranging from fine grade oil stones to fairly coarse oil stones. But they are not much popular as they sharpen your knife slowly and the oil used for this purpose goes waste.

Diamond stones and plates: The sharpening stones of this kind are more popular due to the fast cutting property of the diamonds used in them. But still they are not used widely for this purpose because of their high price as well as the damages they can cause, if used carelessly. They do not necessarily need a lubricant to sharpen knives.

Ceramic sharpening stones: Earlier ceramic sharpening stones were used as replacement to natural stones but today they are used cautiously as they are available in various qualities. Some of them are too soft whereas some are too hard. You will have to saturate its pores by soaking it for 10-15 minutes before sharpening the knife.

Synthetic sharpening stones: These sharpening stones are gaining popularity in the recent years as generally they are made of fused iron grit that can be suspended in resin. In order to get good results you will have to soak synthetic stones with some splash of water for some time.

Selection of right sharpening stone

The availability of vast variety of sharpening stones on the market can make it confusing for you as their quality cannot be ensured by the name of famous brand stamped on them. So you should buy a high quality sharpening stone from a reliable and reputed company how can also guide you about using their products as it may last long than cheap quality stones. While buying a sharpening stone you should focus on the size of their deck also along with their own size and grade so that it can adequately balance your stone while sharpening your knife.

Review of best sharpening stone for kitchen knives

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpening stone is especially designed in 2 stage sharpening system with diamond coated wheel for sharpening serrated and straight knives. You will forget other knife sharpeners after using this black coloured knife sharpener preferred by professional chefs. This is the best option for you if you are looking for a reliable and high quality sharpening stone for your kitchen. It can consistently sharpen all types of blades including ceramic and stainless steel for long time.


  • In order to sharpen the razor of this 2-stage knife sharpening system you can polish its blades
  • The ergonomic and stylish design of this knife sharpener allows you to use it comfortably for long time.
  • Its base is more stable than other in its class due to the non-slip cushion provided at its bottom
  • Its ergonomic handle provided easy and comfortable grip.
  • It can used easily just by placing the dull blade on its sharpening slot to get it sharpened within few seconds.
  • Its high quality blades made of hard steel ensure to use it safely for sharpening all types of blades.
  • It allows you to save lots of money by recycling your old blade with its help instead of buying a set of new blades or knives.
  • Priority Chef offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure the quality of their product. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the performance of this2-stage knife sharpening system even after using it for 60 days. You will not be asked any question in this regard.
  • Not throwing your blunt and old knives as this sharpener can sharpen them within few seconds like new ones. In this way you save lots of money.
  • This easy and convenient to use knife sharpening system makes your knives safe after sharpening them
  • This knife sharpener is one of the best sharpening stones available online these days but instead of sticking to a knife sharpener you should care for your knives.

Product information of best sharpening stone for kitchen knives:

  • Dimensions 7.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight 8.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight 10.4 ounces
  • Model number PCKN-03


  • Equipped with coarse and fine sharpening slots to sharp extremely blunt knives and give fine and smooth finish to already sharp knives.
  • Ergonomically designed handle made of non-slip rubber to provide strong and firm grip
  • Easy to use


  • Designed to sharpen only straight steel knives, so avoid sharpening ceramic or serrated knives

How it work?

The knife sharpening wheel system of Priority Chef Knife sharpener works in 2 stages to provide better results than other in its class. In stage 1 it sharpens your knife coarsely with its diamond coated sharpening wheel. Its diamond coated wheel sharpens the edge of your knife into and out of simultaneously. In second stage the ceramic sharpening wheel of this sharpener hones your blade finely.

Thus, Priority Chef knife sharpener is different from others because of its easy to use diamond wheel and other features described in detail above. They ask your reviews about this new product but if you are not comfortable to give it immediately after buying it then you have 60 days to know this product more closely. If you are not satisfied with its performance then you can get your money 100% back without asking any question.

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