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5 Best Kitchen Gadgets for 2018 You Should See

Some say the kitchen is the center of the house. Everyone tends to gather there; everyone uses it some way or another. We all have to eat after all. The kitchen is also one of those places in the house that tend to gather a seemingly endless amount of gadgets and things that may have had a purpose at some point. The kitchen industry comes out with new and improved appliances and gadgets each year, and we naturally get allured into buying all the brand new shiny little things. After a few uses, they tend to sit on the counter for a while before they’re downgraded into the bottom cabinet. Eventually, the barely used gadgets move into the garage, where they become forgotten. While this may be true for the most part, there are still kitchen gadgets out there that beat out the odds of usability and find the best use in the kitchen. Here is a list of 5 best kitchen gadgets you should never hesitate to buy.

1. Garbage disposal

If there is one thing you can collect more in the kitchen other than gadgets, it will be garbage. Accumulating garbage is a common part of the human routine. We constantly come up with trash to dispose of, and that’s when garbage bins get useful around the house. In the kitchen, however, you also accumulate perishable trash that can become awful if not disposed of properly.

This is the job of the garbage disposal. It immediately breaks down and flushes down unwanted foods and other perishable goods. While there are some limitations as to what they can dispose of, the best garbage disposals can break down the most solid and bulkiest of food items. Unless you compost, having a garbage disposal is the best way to keep your entire kitchen feeling and smelling clean. Food garbage doesn’t have to sit and rot until you get to take the trash out. Even a small piece of food item can stink up an entire kitchen. How many times have you put a slice of fruit or pizza or any leftover meal in the garbage bin and forget that it was ever there? Next thing you know, you’ve got maggots crawling around and a kitchen not worth walking into. Garbage disposals eliminate this problem, and once you start using them, you’ll never want to go back to not having them.

2. Masticating Juicer

If you are tired of eating whole fruit and vegetables then a juicer is a must-have tool to have in your kitchen. You are not convinced! Then I recommend you to watch the documentary called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

That's the easy part now the hardest part is which one is the perfect for the kitchen? A centrifugal can handle only fruit, the citrus juicer can handle only citrus, So is there any juicer that handles among fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass etc.

Bingo, A masticating one, Omega j8006 nutrition center juicer. This beast can handle all and comes with a great price less than $300 bucks. Low speed of 80 RPMs, 110 volts, dual-stage juicing system with 15-year warranty makes most standout juicer right now.

3. Kitchen knife

kitchen knife

Imagine cooking without a knife. How will you cut up anything? Suppose you can get creative with other gadgets, would you really want to go about cooking an entire meal that way? The answer is more than likely no. Knives are the ultimate kitchen staple. Knives help make our food not just fully edible but enjoyable as well. The more you use them, the more you’ll realize that you probably actually use kitchen knives for more than just cutting up food. You’ve probably found yourself using a knife to stir, to pound on meat, to open packages, and many others.

Investing in a good kitchen knife will determine how easy your time in the kitchen will be. Established chefs swear by their knives, and you should too. It isn’t worth having a knife that can barely cut through a piece of fruit properly. You also shouldn’t be content with using generic steak knives to do the entire cutting in your kitchen. Once you’ve used a proper kitchen knife, you’ll realize how much fun food prepping can actually be. It just makes everything easier to do. Perhaps it makes food taste so much better too. Who knows?

4. Microwave rice steamer

Everyone eats rice. It’s just one of those pantry staples that you should always have just in case. Rice is easy to make and it goes well with a thousand different dishes. There are many kinds of rice out there and probably just as many ways to cook them. Avid rice eaters probably have a rice cooker sitting on their ​granite kitchen countertop at all times. Old school folk probably like to let rice simmer on the stove—the old-fashioned way. You can even make rice on the Crockpot or bake rice in the oven. The end result may not be the same, and you may have to put a little bit more elbow grease into doing these methods.

The easiest and fastest way to make rice is by using a microwave rice steamer. Ever heard of it before? Yes, you can make rice in the microwave and it take a fraction of the time that it would take to cook it under other methods. A microwave rice steamer will allow you to save your cooking time and efforts towards your main dish. It also saves a spot on the stove for the other side’s you might have to cook. In addition, cooking rice with a microwave rice steamer will save you money in the long run. How many times have you made too much rice thinking that you haven’t made enough? Rice eventually goes bad and goes down the drain. With a microwave rice steamer, you can make just the right amount of rice you need. If you feel like you’ll be short on rice, you can easily make another batch, as it takes no time at all to cook. You can enjoy your meal as the rice cooks on the microwave, and by the time you’ve finished your first plate, the cooked rice will be ready for your second serving. This gadget is so useful and does not take up tons of kitchen space at all. You can store it easily in the cupboard or maybe even keep it in the microwave if you tend to eat a lot of rice.

5. Spiralizer

You might think to yourself, “What would I need a spiralizer for?” The spiralizer can be used for more than just making zucchini spaghetti. If you tend to incorporate or wish to incorporate more vegetables in your diet, you’ll find this gadget very useful. It not only cuts down the time it’ll take for you to cut your vegetables down, it makes them look attractive to eat also. There are many spiralizers out there that can do more than just cutting vegetables into long strips. There are those that can perform normal slices. And the great part is that it can virtually cut through any vegetable. The spiralizer eliminates the hassle and the mess of cutting up tons of vegetables. You can make your dishes look more appetizing with some spiralized garnishes or just have a good-looking salad to enjoy. Spiralizers can chop up veggies you’ll be using to cook, and it’ll do it in half the time it would take for you to chop up every single piece of vegetable. It may not be for everyone, but you’ll never truly know how much you love to make salads unless you’ve used a spiralizer.

These 5 best kitchen gadgets will no doubt make your kitchen a better place to cook in. Better kitchens tend to make better food; so don’t ever feel bad about splurging on any or all of these kitchen gadgets. Your dinner guests will thank you tremendously.

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