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Why You Should Carry Backpacking Pillows for Travelers

To lead a healthy life sleep is a must. For proper brain and body function, scientists suggest for 7 to 8 hours sleep. This theory should be applied when you go for a tour too. For a sound sleep, people need comfort. Pillow provides that comfort that is why pillow come in mind first whenever we think about sleep.

Backpacking Pillows for Travelers:

When we go on a tour, we always want to pack all the necessary things and so we want them light and in easy to pack shape. After a long journey, all tourist want to sleep a sound sleep at night. To ensure that, comfort feel comes first. Usually, we use feathers or foam pillow but we can’t pack them as they take a lot of spaces to pack. That’s why backpacking pillow is made. The size of a backpacking pillow is like a tennis ball without air. When we fill the inner space with air, it becomes a pillow shape thing which can be used as a pillow but it contains air instead of foam or feather. It is so light and easy to carry that’s why it is perfect for the tourists for their tour.

Elements of backpacking pillow:

As tourists have to pack many things so they want them light in weight. For that concept, backpacking pillows are made of those elements which make pillows light as well as long-lasting. Usually, microfiber shell, synthetic fiber, polestar are used to make backpacking pillows. Most of the time microfiber shells are used to make the inner portion of the pillow. Polestar makes the pillow light weighted as well as it helps to resistance pillow from tearing and puncturing.

Importance and why you should carry backpacking pillows for travelers:

We usually use the pillow for two purposes. First of all, to make comfort situation for proper sound sleep and secondly to provide the support our neck, head and upper back.  As we are human and we have curved spine, we need to support our upper body parts while we are sleeping and pillow provides that support. We all have a natural curve on the neck and when we want to sleep on our back, pillow helps us to support the natural curve of the neck. When we want to sleep on our side, pillow keeps our neck straight. Everybody has his own style to sleep. On the basis of sleeping style, some people prefer soft pillows, some people hard. Again some people feel comfortable with high pillow some people prefer low pillows. For a great journey or enjoyable tour, tourists must have sound a mind as well as good physical condition. After a day-long journey, a sound sleep can ensure that. For these reasons, tourist should pack things for his health first. Backpacking pillow is one of them. Without pillow most of the people can’t sleep soundly which gradually decreases mental and physical health condition which effects on the journey. Backpacking pillow can solve this big problem of tourists who spend nights outside. It is easy to carry and tourists can use just by filling it with air like balloons or stuff with clothes. Tourists have to stay in various peculiar places and backpacking pillows can be used in every place. The elements of the pillows are used to make the pillow perfect for every sector. Water can’t wet backpacking pillows as well as heat does not effect on the pillows too.  So tourist can use them in wet place. Most of the time, during jungle tour, tourists have to make fire and sleep beside the fire to prevent them from harmful creatures. As heat can’t damage the pillow, tourist can use them without any tension and have a sleep. Some pillows can be used as a backpack too. Those pillows can contain clothes and make them squishy, puffy and comfortable even if the clothes contain metal buttons or metal parts.

Types of backpacking pillows (which one is suitable for you?):

Inflatable: people can use this pillow by filling the air. Some can blow up with breath or some people can use auto inflates which has a valve to fill the air. It is so light and can be minimized in extremely small size which are the important advantages of inflatable backpacking pillow. It is so comfortable to use as you can get the size as your wish just by filling the air. But it will make a little bit of sound when you move your head and that can be a problem. If it can be ignored, it is a useful pillow as it takes a little space to carry.

Compressible: This pillow takes a little bit more space as it is not filled with air. Foams and synthetic fibers are used to make these pillows which make the pillows more comfortable to use. But it is heavy to carry. If you want a more comfortable pillow, you need to spend more money. A compressible pillow can be made of below feathers which is super comfortable and it costs more than other pillows. They are more soft and light too than the others.

Hybrid: This pillow provide best supports for head and neck as it has a unique shape. The top of this pillow is fluffy and the bottom part is inflatable which makes a comfortable zone for a person to lay down on it. But for more comfort, you have to ignore the heaviness of it and sacrifice some space to carry this.

Some important facts of backpacking pillow for travelers:

Weight and size: pillow must have less weight and small size which is easy to carry and perfect for a long journey.

Slipperiness: pillow must be comfortable for users but if it feels slippery, it can be the main issue for not having sound sleep.

Comfort and support: No one wants to wake up from sleep with neck pain by using an uncomfortable pillow. For this reason, the comfort feelings and proper support of the neck and head are important in the case of using backpacking pillow.

Sleep is a part of an enjoyable long journey and a perfect backpacking pillow can ensure that.

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