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8 Things You Should Keep on Adventure Travel

This year I was pretty much busy on travelling. I had quite a lot of tours in different countries. As an adventure lover m choice was always the forests, sea and mountains. In these travels I came to understand a terrific fact. It is without some must keeping item with you during the travel, you have to face some huge problems. I am going to tell about these must keeping items from my own experience. So let’s begin the list of 8 things you should keep on adventure travel.

8 Things You Should Keep on Adventure Travel

  1. Smartphone: Well if you are on an adventure travel, you might probably miss this item thinking that there won’t be any network coverage. But you are totally wrong. There are networks in most of the places right now. So can contact with people in case of emergency. Not only that you don’t need a compass if you have a smartphone withyou. Also you can listen to music and you can also capture the natural beauty. That’s why a smartphone is more important than any other things. Also the GPS and google map can lead you to any destiny. You should be aware of not leaving your smartphone behind.
  2. Bikepacking Bag:To ensure comfort when you traveling with a bicycle, you must have a bikepacking bag. A high quality bike bag can easily be installed in your bike. To store the essentials like camera, smartphone, adventure book, and others easily into your bags.
  3. Quick Charge Power Bank: Well your smartphone will not last for the whole day long if you are using the phone properly. The power will definitely become empty by the usage. So what is your option. I know that you are intelligent enough not to take a travel charger with you during an adventure travel. Because there will be no scope for charging your phone. So the best option for you will be taking a best quick charge power bank. You have exactly the idea what is a quick charge power bank. It will help you to get the charge in any situation. But make sure that the power bank is fully charged before you go for an adventure travel.
  4. Knife: A Knife is a mandatory option for you if you are up to an adventure trip. Consider yourself in a jungle, you must need a military knife not only to cut branches of trees but also to save yourself in any danger situation. A knife can be used for cut animals in the forests which will help you to get foods. Also knife is a good protection of your life. Knife is not only a choice for forest travelling but also for sea and mountain travelling. This thing shouldn’t be left in any case or circumstance.
  5. Sunglass: May be you are wondering why a sunglass is important for travelling. But to be honest it is an unavoidable thing in this list. Most of the adventure travels are chosen in the summer season. That’s why a sunglass will be beneficial for you to keep your eyes safe from the sun. No matter where you are travelling, the sunglass is a must choice for you. An advice for buying sunglass is necessary here. The glass of the sunglass should be made of bulletproof glass. Because I have broken minimum 3 or 4 sunglasses during a tour. So be wise to select the glass of your sunglass.
  6. Medicines: Your health doesn’t depend on your current positioning. It can break anytime, and if it happens during an adventure travel, boy you have to suffer a huge problem. So to be safe I think you should always keep some emergency medicines like paracetamol and others. Also you can take sun burning cream with you. Most of the tours are chosen in the summer, so sun burning problem can easily occur. Another good option can be the insect repelling cream. It will keep you safe from the attacks of insects during your adventure.
  7. Torchlight: Torchlight will be the life savior in the night. Most of the cases we go for one or two days’ adventure travelling. And the adventure part of the night is the most interesting part. But don’t ruin this enjoyment by forgetting the torchlight leaving at home. Also there are some cases when you intend to come back from the adventure before the sunset but the circumstance never gives you that opportunity. So the wise decision will be taking a torchlight with you always so that you don’t have any trouble in the night. Take durable torchlight with you in this case.
  8. Clothes: Not every dress is suitable for travelling. Specific types of dresses should be put on when you are on an adventure travel. Though it depends on the weather and the climate of that place. But it will be wise to keep zip jacket with hoodie, raincoat and a military pant with you. Also you should wear a boot shoe. And the wise decision will be always taking a secondary dress set with you.

Conclusion: Only this list is not enough for going to an adventure travel. But these are mandatory. If you skip any of them I am quite sure that you have to face some troubles during the travel. Buy a good journey backpack and keep these things in your backpack. Adventure journeys are really thrilling. But don’t let your lack of organization to ruin the whole thrill of the adventure travel. Happy travelling.

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