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7 Reasons For Every Man Should Carry A EDC Knife

With all the security problems dwelling over our heads, carrying a edc knife around wouldn’t seem that odd, but if a man is carrying, there can be several reasons. Now, of course, if you carry the knife on a flight or for places where security checks are done, you will be a suspect for no cause. No one wants to invite trouble for no cause.

But, you can carry it for/while camping, for cutting tags, opening letters, for shorter needs like cutting fruit, etc. Some people even like collecting these sorts of things for war movies or hobbies. It can be for defending yourself too. Now, let us discuss seven different reasons as to why a man should carry a best pocket knife with them:

eating food with knife

We all know the importance of knives for cooking or eating purposes. They are used every day for cutting fruits, vegetables even packets of food items if we don’t find a scissor lying around. Of course, if you are having soup you won’t use it, but still, will need it for cutting the vegetables. You will need it for cutting the vegetables that you are going to cook, the fruits you eat for breakfast or even if you have to take fruit for lunch. If you have a quality folding knife, this will work for you the best. Of course, you won’t do the household things with a kitchen knife, but it still comes in use at the time of distress!

2. Seatbelts:

Seatbelts are your way to safety, but what if that becomes the reason of your death? There can be times when you are stuck in the car, and you don’t know a way out, or maybe you are stuck in someone else’s car, and you need to run or get away. So, a pocket knife can come really handy to cut those seat belts for letting yourself loose. Also, during accidents, the seatbelts tend to hold you tight and thus you might get stuffed inside the air bags and thus feel suffocated. In that case, a pocket knife would be a great option for relieving yourself from that situation. After you are free, you are can also help the other people stuck in the car with you.

3. Car Repairs:

What if something suddenly goes wrong while you are on the road? Not always you will find a repair shop or a place to go to. If your car stops and you check your engine and its flaming up and heating a lot, what would you do? If you click the hood to open and find there is something cracked or broken, or something is steaming. You can find a shop but that can be too late, or maybe there is no shop at all, where you are standing with some broken parts of your car. At that moment you might detach or remove something, and for that, a knife can come very handy. It can be used to break a lock if you lose your key. So, a best pocket knife would come really handy in these cases, and you can use it if you learned.

4. Fire:

This is an age old method of starting a fire. Mankind’s first fire was through stones and then through striking sharp objects, such as a knife. You can always use this trick while you are camping and you forget a lighter. You will only need some dry wood, some strings, and a folding knife. We all make a list before we go camping but of course, we can forget things like a lighter or matchsticks, and you might just need to light a candle if the light goes off. So, to be assured that you don’t fall short of a fire in a time of need, the pocket knife is an important thing that should be included in your list too. Always remember, dry wood is important and wet wood is of no help.

5. Window Punch:

There are times when we don’t expect danger to be on our way, but it can knock at your door anytime it feels like. So, if you ever get stuck in your car when you can’t get to open your car door or windows, a pocket knife can be used in breaking the glasses for getting out. You can be either stuck inside the car that is drowning underwater or in fire or maybe you are just stuck somewhere and it is not opening. The blunt end of your folding knife can be used for breaking any locks and windows in these cases even if the car is protected with electronic window locks. This is also helpful if you see someone locked inside unable to get out, help them out.

6. Cutting Ropes/Tapes:

cutting ropes with knife

It doesn’t matter whether if we have 10 different sizes and types of scissors for different needs, we all find ourselves in a position when we need a scissor and we cannot find it anywhere. Having a knife ready with you is a great way to use in these times. The knife can be used to cut a letter, rope, tapes or envelopes. It is also used to up wrapping items or cutting open boxes. It is really simple going through those boxes or gifts with a small knife. You do not always have to hunt with a knife, but it is always good to keep a EDC knife with you so that you can use it for whenever you need it.

7. Opening Cans:

We all are guilty of the fact that we eat a lot of canned food and because of that we need can openers. Now, what if we do not have that opener with us, a knife is probably the closest thing you can use for opening the can. During parties, picnics, camp fires, it can also be a soda can which you need to open, and you did not carry an opener, the knife is your friend in the time of need then. It will easily open the lid and let you use the food or the soda stored inside. So again, this every day carry (EDC) knife comes handy for opening cans or jars when in you cannot find anything else.

Now, these aren’t the only needs pocket knife can fulfill and certainly not the needs of a girl only, so a man can use the knife too. Now apart from safety and all the ones listed, they can be used for fishing, mountaineering trips, etc. Enjoy your parties, trips, and lunches and also have a safety weapon all the time with you!

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Last Updated on 21 November 2017

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