Who doesn’t love playing paintball game? It’san active combat sports, full of fun. It’s totally adventurous and heroic kind of game, giving the feel of some action movie, doing a competitive team task. To accomplish the goal in paintball is really thrilling and make young kids to crave for it more every time.

To play this game a ‘paintball gun’ is required for shooting marble-sized balls of paint at fast speed. As a team, you can select your own team color for paintballs. This game can be played indoor and outdoor by selecting an appropriate place and can be played in different ways like one game can be played with a ‘fix time’, second is to capture the flag of other teams to your base and the third one can be played until as many players of the opposite team is shot. But the most important thing is; what should you wear during a paintball game? You don’t need to ruin your experience by using the uncomfortable and wrong clothing or gear that is not meant for this game. The right selection will make a whole new change in your performance. Check this article on what is the best paintball gun?


The extra layers of clothing acts as a barrier between your skin and paint and italso absorb less paint. Your arms and legs must be full covered to keep paint off your skin. The paint really sting on the skin so you don’t have to keep washing it off afterwards. To avoid getting easily caught; prefer camouflage color clothing to decrease visibility with loose fitting so you can freely move. Opt for old clothes for this game as paint balls will leave stains on your new clothes. Paintball pants are also a good selection for players. It is baggy style and has built-in knee pads which are good for kneeling and crawling.


It’s a good idea to use arm pads to protect your forearm down till wrist, and knee pads is highly recommended for those who are good at stunts in the game especially who love to slide, dive and run a lot. It will lessen the blow or hit from slipping on the ground as they are built to cushion your arms and knees.


Head protection gear is essential on the playing field. Many players think it’s notnecessary to cover up their head.

Paintballs are not as soft as the name suggests. Paintballs flying through the air at the speed of 200 miles per hour when hit the head without protection can be really dangerous. To protect your head from painful hits its best to use a helmet. Some helmets also cover the entire face which is specially designed for paint ball game. It’s better to opt for it.



It’s good if you invest in pair of ‘paintball goggles’ for it have special thermal style lenses to lessen any fog inside it. Its best for all weather conditions like rain and humidity.Goggles cover the eyes properly and prevent any accident from happening. You get safe from a direct hit on your soft eyes tissue. Make sure that it fit you well ahead and whether it’s comfortable option for you or not.


Do gloves matter? It’s a yes;a hit to the hands hurts and is extremely painful. Your hands are sensitive andmost vulnerable parts of your body. You will be holding gun throughout the game aiming to hit other players and getting shot to your bare hands will hurt pretty much.To make your hands exposed will result in not grabbing the gun properly. Your ideal choice is to use the gloves that are designed for paintball. It helps you to easily pull the trigger of your paintball gun.

Other than this you can use thick pair of gloves like football gloves for protection and it’s not recommended to leave your fingers exposed by using fingerless gloves for the hit will make your fingers pain a lot.


Footwear is also essential part of the paintball game as it’s all about running and stealthily walking to target your opponents. Paintball players often experience Ankle injuries due to inadequate footwear. For your comfort and to prevent any strainyour first option should be quality sneakers or military boots.

Practice some jumping and sudden moves before participating in the game and opt for most comfortable and durableshoes. Water resistance shoes are also a better choice.

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