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Womens Pocket Knife | A Guide For All Women

Do you think that women are lagging behind? If you think then your idea will be changed here and if you do not you will be fostered a more. A story goes on, once a woman went out from home to climb on the mountain and was on a train as it was a long journey. In the meantime, she got hungry and found some apples but she needed to slice them. Again when she was near the mountain, a robber attacked her and she could defend herself instantly. When she was her way to the peak of the mountain, she had to cut pieces of ice to make her path smooth. Now all of these would possible because she had with her an instrument like a friend without which it was impossible for her to sustain. Whatever, as an everyday existent essence, we are we cannot deny the necessity of pocket knife both for men and women. For what purposes men need them, women for the same purposes need them. So it is an equally prioritized matter to keep a womens pocket knife besides men. In pocket’s knife, there is no such difference between men and women but women deserve colorful, comfortable knife to all time with them.

There are lots of branded pocket’s knives in the market having different color, styles, blades, handles etc. Women choose them distinctly as preferences depend on individuals. In daily life, women use pocket knife in different purposes. They love to keep pocket knife which are in most cases in folding types because folding categories are suitable to keep inside pocket. They use the knife from the kitchen to wood in a regular basis. Not only that, women use fixed-blade knife in their daily usages.

So, to know more about womens pocket knife or before to buy it is necessary for you to know every detail of a pocket knife. Firstly, why a pocket knife? Because the pocket knife is now a days is most suited to both men and women.

Functions of womens pocket knife:

Inside kitchen, women usually use a knife for cutting and slicing purposes of food. Also, to cut fish & meat women widely use pocket knife. Even, in restaurant and bar people use pocket knife to a large extent.

· In outdoor, women carry the knife to hunt or to protect them from enemies or any other malefactors. Not only have that in any occasion or party women used pocket knife widely.

· For adventure, women keep the pocket knife as a friend to cut materials or for defense.

· In hunting, a pocket knife is the best tool and women use pocket knife for skinning animals and for preparing food.

· Also in fishing women use the pocket knife.

Types of Pocket Knife for Women:

A pocket knife is of two types. It may be folding or fixed-blade. As women want for good and comfortable grip it is easy to use a folding knife as womens pocket knife. Blades may be folding or fixed again can be plain edged or in serrated edge. Each and every blade performs each distinctive function. If as a woman, you want the sharp edge to cut materials easily you can select the plain edge. If you want to cut hard & rugged materials like rope, string you can easily select serrated edge. Not only that, most of the women need concealed sharp edge blade. From that perspective, you can trust on the best folding knife having the sharp edge.

Priority on design, style & color:

Every man and woman gives priority firstly on the appearance and out looking. As women are the naturally esthetic lover, they prone to beauty and style more than men. That’s why manufactures have been presenting newness and novelty in their products of womens pocket knife. There are lots of variants of handles in where blades can conceal themselves but again can raise their heads when need. Also in many pocket knives, there have multi-tools attached with the blade. One can use each of cutting tool for each purpose. Specially women love to get gift pink colored handle from their favorite one and as a boyfriend or a husband you can please them by gifting them with bright colored handles. In terms of the blade, if the blade is made from stainless steel it will look shiny and attractive. So, women will be bound to like them and keep them with them. You will be happier to hear that at present pocket knife is being manufactured with flashlight which will be preferable to women. Do not forget to look on the belt clip in a knife as it will ease to keep the knife beside the pocket of your hip. You will feel attracted if you find the knife having a lucrative sheath.

Other factors to be considered:

1.  Women should buy spring assisted folding knife because of its easy mechanism of opening and closing. As to go far it is banned to keep automatic blade knife if you search the laws of keeping knife, you will find it.

2.  It will be a privilege for women if they carry such type of pocket knife which have as the same time glass breaker and seat belt cutter. Because in time of sudden danger or trap this type of pocket knife will be the assistant one.

3. Women should also think about the size of the whole knife so that she can keep it inside her pocket or in a purse. It is mostly recommended that they should not buy the excess size of the blade rather should prefer 4 inches less than that.

4. Again price is a fact both for men and women. Price should be reasonable and bearable. The expensive knife may not always give good services. So in choosing womens pocket knife price should be considered. Every woman deserves the best knife having best qualities.

womens pocket knife

From the overall discussion, you will find out the facts to know, before buying or having a pocket knife for women. As we need a pocket knife in every place of daily life, it is a matter of joy to find the best one for women. Even though there have no such types of visual distinctions between the men and womens pocket knife after all color, size, blade, handles, brand etc matter in terms of women and are best suited for them.

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Last Updated on 13 December 2017

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