Spyderco Persistence Custom Scales

Think Your Knife Experience In Spyderco Persistence Custom Scales

Not got yet bought a persistence custom knife of Spyderco? Remember, you will definitely miss it while to hunting, traveling, fishing,climbing etc.. The amazing product I have ever got in the online marketplaces. Materials, design, handling capacity and all of the required structures really made the knife handy to use firmly. And this is why, the Spyderco becomes popular and famous worldwide. Generally, the knife consumes high quality of stainless steel for a longer durability strength. The light-weight item has a skeletonized G-10 laminated black handle. It's always comfortable to work with.

Let's have a quick skim the full specifications before taking the Spyderco persistence custom scales:

• Weight: 3.-ounce
• Blade: Stainless steel-8Cr13Mov
• Handle: Skeletonized G-10 laminate handle
• Blade type: Flat
• Overall length: 6.80-inch
• Blade length: 2.75-inch
• Close length: 4.1-inch
• Blade thickness: 3.0-mm
• Hole diameter: 0.5-inch
• Knife Type: Folding
• Opening & closing system: One-handed
• Pocket clip: Four-way (it facilitates during sit-up or sit-down)
• Made in : USA
• Manufacturer's warranty: Available (details during to buy)
• Price: $37.99

The ultimate users of the knife are:

  • Mountaineers
  • Hunters
  • Shippers
  • Travelers
  • Chefs
  • Army personnel
  • Industrial workers
  • Householders etc

The Spyderco persistence custom scales is my favorite one. For years, I have been using this top-notch choice with full satisfaction. So, the reasons are very simple. Let's have a closer look at the points you should know before having it as your own.


The considerable matter that keeps buyers thoughtful. Shaking your head around and be relaxed to get it blindfolded. Because the skeletonized handle makes the knife so light that you can play it with your fingers in acrobatic style. I'm happy to carry it easy.
Thin but extremely hard to pierce things: The slender designed knife is very handy to use. After using for a long hour of times, I never became fed up to hold it. At the picnic, I had rapidly used it to complete whole the program to come to an end. Truely said, it was then my private assistant.

Genuine stainless steel:

The Spyderco persistence custom scales is made of genuine stainless steel. The shining cutting edge is the sheer proof of the pure steel. The sharpened edge of the blade takes a long time to be re-sharpened. So, I steadily use it without any prior notice of being an ultimate blunt of the knife. Because the stainless steel-8Cr13Mov is main material for this knife. Though it looks very thin but it is not flexible. Hence, zero chance to break it down during work hour.

Reasonable price:

Choose the better one and pay higher the price. But, for the Spyderco persistence custom scales, you have to pay cheap for a world standard product. A lum-sum budget is quite enough to buy a custom scale of Spyderco. Whether you are a student or a day laborer.

Cozy handle:

The ergonomic knife has a milled black G-10 laminate handle. For this reason, its rough surface skin never releases the grip even after sweating for working a long time. Interestingly, I enjoy the cozy handle of the Spyderco persistence custom scales.
One-handed operating facility: Over all, it's a knife. Blade-like sharpened! So what? The pretty design of the knife maintains the opening and closing system when to use one-handed.

Enlisted in best seller on Amazon.com: The Spyderco persistence has got a token of the best seller amongst the other products on Amazon. It definitely goes for its quality services. Visit Amazon for more details to buy.
Service contract: Goodwill never comes to cheat with people. In a serious view, the Spyderco never thinks it beyond that. Because, selling product is not an ultimate business to them. But providing the better services for a particular time from the date of purchase is a must to their valued customers. This is an extra advantage from Spyderco. Why not to buy?


The Spyderco persistence custom scales is small in size, very useful, light-weighted, shiny cutting edge, the blade is easily sharpening, non-flexible for good materials, carrying easy etc.


Risk to keep it unfolded. Forgettable of leaving it anywhere for small in size.

What people say and listen to:

Q: Where is the Spyderco knife made in?
Q: Have any scratching sound during opening and closing the blade of a knife?
A: No, generally it does not have this problem. If it happens, just get replaced from Spyderco.
Q: How to get it changed if any problem found after purchase?
A: Go through Filling up the warranty form and send it to Spyderco headquarter.
Q: What is the difference between the persistence and meadowlark?
A: Persistence is G-10 stainless steel framing and meadowlark is merely plastic.
Q: Is it wear resistant?
A: Yes. It will never be spotted on the knife. So, you can easily sit it up and down your pocket hole. Have a rapid use all day long.

Final verdict to announce:

I use it, I enjoy it, I review it. And finally, I love it. Once I was also an interested guy like you. I dared to buy it. And I am staying tuned with my most expected little knife of Spyderco. No doubt, it is still responding me well at my very daily requirements. Every part of the knife is really mentionable to have a thumb up all the way. Since, I never felt any obstacle with the knife I got first. The opening and closing system never disturbed me when to hurry on work. Once I get it sharpened, it takes a long time for the next sharpening.

As the pure stainless steel was responsible for that. The smooth handle grip, an awesome part like to mention you. I keep working the knife up to the finishing line of the cutting work. Once I got it lost and I have found it in our kitchen. Mom kept it busy with vegetables. Happy to have a versatile one. why not you? The top rated warranty services really allure to the Spyderco's customers. So, me too.The handy and useful Spyderco persistence custom scales is really demanding to the knife lovers all over the world. Its reasonable prices and unique quality force buyers to get every product to use and use.

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