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Difference between best folding pocket knife and fixed blade knife

Knife is for every purpose for any type of people. It may have folding types or may of fixed-blade types. Also, blade types varied from each other besides handle types. In total, every of the fact depends on the users to whom they need for their functions. Some need best folding pocket knife while other need fixed blade knife. Even though these two types of knives have some basic differences between best folding pocket knife and fixed blade knife, they are used in distinctive types of purposes to distinctive people.

Best Folding Pocket Knife

1. A pocket knife is easy and comfortable to carry as its blade remains concealed inside the handle and causes no disturbance to the users. Also, it needs a little place in the time of carrying inside the pocket or any other place because of its compactness or collapsed nature.

2. A folding knife is even though convenient to carry elsewhere it is not widely used in every type of job like rocky, stony , rigid & rugged because of pressure blade may deviate from handle sometimes. But, one can easily use it in their other types of daily activities.

3. In folding knife, the blade is sharp and discrete to use. For any kind of cutting like vegetables, rope, string, meat you can easily use it. For its opening and closing mechanism, one cannot feel good with it. Again, for this mechanism many one aspire for this knife as it has good grip and liner lock.

​4. A folding knife has variants and novelty which push knife seekers to buy it. Also in a folding category, there has multi tools attached for multipurpose which seems voracious for the users. Not only are that manufactures now a day’s competing with each other with their offerings and newness to grab the buyers attraction. It can easily be said that this knife is more curving for younger people for its diversified variants and models than older.

Fixed Blade Knife:

1. A fixed blade knife is even though is popular for antic knife users; it is pestering to carry all time because of its fixedness and rigidness. A fixed blade knife is twice in length in comparable to a folding knife. Also it occupies more place than a folding knife.

2. A fixed blade knife is widely used in rocky and stony types of functions. One can easily use to strip from a tree or to cut hard materials besides cutting or slicing soft things. Besides, for digging, hunting, splitting or any kind of tactile purpose fixed type is good for many.

3. A fixed blade knife is extremely sustainable and sharper more than a folding knife and has no extra system for opening & closing. Again, for fixed blade, many one do not feel good grip with it and cannot feel relax to carry it all time with them.

4. Fixed blade knife is being used from time immemorial and is handling over the same one from ancestors to predecessors. It is more fondled and accepted for its uniqueness and sense of affectionate. But this knife does not always come up with multi variants categories like folding knife and sometimes seem old-fashioned to users.​

best folding pocket knife

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that even there have basic differences between best folding pocket knife and fixed-blade knife in terms of functions they are both durable & sustainable, shiny, workable and active. Users use them in distinctive purposes as both of the categories perform distinctive functions. After all, both of the knives are ergonomic in use and highly demand able to knife searchers & users but one should know their distinction first before buying.

Last Updated on 13 December 2017

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