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Collaboration of the Best Folding Hunting Knife Reviews

From time immemorial people have been using knives for various purposes among them, the knife for hunting purpose is the most archaic purposes for hunting animals or for going other variants of outdoors. So i will try to describe of top 5 best folding hunting knife reviews today. To hunt animals in a secluded place or in a deep wood will be convenient more if you have a suitable tool like a knife. As the hunting knife is used either for skinning or dressing for hunted animal depending on your purposes blades types, you should select. Here you will get the best folding hunting knife reviews and will get the deep idea about the best types of hunting.

Things to consider!

What do you expect about the blades in the best folding hunting knife reviews? The blades may in fix or fold in a hunting knife. From the public opinion, it is found that fixed blades are sharp and convenient to rocky and stony types of action but difficult to carry. On the other hand, folding types are for good grip and comfortable to carry with. But the blade should be must sharp, durable, protective and shiny also in both cases. Again whether it will be fixed or folding it will be dependent on how the complex or easy way you are going to hunt animals.

Also types of blade whether serrated or plain edged relies on your own personal preferences. The best hunting knife couple the joy and thriller of hunters mind and coerce his mind for further hunting in wood or in an adventurous journey.

Here you will find the 5 types of the best folding hunting knife reviews and will get a vivid picture of those particular knives. As knives are hunters best friend to have you have to look at deeper of the following reviews and have to take the decision with what all the criteria of your choice matches.

Best Folding Hunting Knife Reviews Comparison:

Buck Knife 110

TAC force Spring

Edge Razor-Lite

Gerber freeman

7OT cave

​blade 3-3/4"

420HC steel

440b stainless

blade is 3 1/2'

blade is 3.5 inches

420J2 stainless steel.


5Cr15MoV SS blade

3.9 inch

7Cr17 high carbon

1. Buck Knife 110 a knife for excellent hunting

A Buck knife 110 for hunting purposes is highly recommended to use for hunters and you will get the answers. As for good hunting with a good tool like knife depends on its blade types you will find buck’s blade is in 3-3/4" and clip blade made of 420HC steel. The closed length of buck knife is 4-7/8. The crescent tip blade has a very sharp edge that is good for every type of work in hunting. The lock back design will give you maximum strength and safety.

The handle of a knife will give you relaxation to grip in one hand. In that case, you can choose the “Dymondwood” handle with brass bolsters. Buck 110’s handles are in wood and brass is handsome and fully natural. It includes a genuine leather sheath for extended use with a sharp closure and can be carried on your belt.

It is manufactured in the USA and has forever lifetime warranty. Users are satisfied with this knife as it is a knife of good quality with low price.

Incentives for Buck knives:

  • The blade is like a silk and you can easily sharp it.
  • It has a type of sharp edge which may cut your finger if you become a little bit careless!

2. TAC force Spring assisted folding knife, an omen for hunters!

It is a TAC force spring assisted black tactile rescue folding knife is manufactured specially for hunting. It has TAC-FORCE Speed assisted rescue liner lock with 4 3/4' closed. The length of the original blade is 3 1/2'. It has black finish stainless assisted opening blade with dual thumb studs and extended tang. The knife is 5/16" thick. The TAC force knife’s blades are made of 440b stainless steel. When the knife is open its length becomes 8 inches long.

The blade feature of TAC-force is etching and the handles are made of black finished aluminum which can be integrated with seat belt cutter and glass breaker. Again it is good news for hunting knife seekers that the pocket clip of spring assisted folding knife is in stainless steel.

Incentives for TAC force knife:

  • It's a great knife, it comes very sharp and the spring is smooth.
  • The knife is light to carry and use.
  • The blade locks automatically if you just let it open naturally. Sometimes you need to pry to actually close.

Opening and closing mechanism:

  • You might struggle to open it more than closing it. The little nub to flick opens the knife takes a bit of force to open.
  • As people want to know how the knife closes frequently, the answer will be that if you push to one side to it will allow the knife to close. Closing it is much easier
  • It is a bit harder to close the knife due to the spring loading and will be more difficult with just one hand. If you use two hands to close it, it will create no problem.
  • And finally, this knife has a liner lock. In the lock system, the spring locks the blade and opens it. Again, the spring needs to be pushed aside to close the blade.

3. Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Folding Hunting Knife

Outdoor edge razor-lite folding hunting knife is a push-button replacement blade system with 6 blades. The blade is 3.5 inches or 8.9 centimeters in length). The knife is in total 8 inches or 20.3 centimeters in length. It weighs 6.4 ounces or180 grams. The blade types are made of with 420J2 stainless steel. The rubberized TRP handles ensure a secure, non-slip grip, even when it gets damp. It has mossy oak nylon belt sheath. When you will open the knife it is 8 inches long and the blade is 3 inches long.

Incentives for outdoor edge razor knife:

  • The knife is strong enough.
  • Pouch holds 5 extra blades.
  • All the blades are the same and have no gut hook.
  • You can re-sharpen the blades when they get dulled.


· The razor-blade has a comfortable grip and the rubber will stick to your hand giving you great grip even when it becomes moist.

  • The blades are quite sharp in this knife and strong enough to the metal called "sheath".
  • The knife holds 6 replacement blades that store nicely in the sheath and the rubber grip is ok.
  • It is easy to change blades
  • The attached sheath is authentic in nature and is organized
  • The sheath adjusts nicely on hunting belt
  • Extra blades are extra facilities for this knife
  • The price is reasonable and you will save your economy.

Caution about use:

  • It’s sometimes may seem to you a problem that the sheath has a lip.

4. Gerber freeman guides folding knife with extraordinary edge

Gerber freeman folding knife is imported from China. It has 5Cr15MoV SS blade with glass bead finish. The blade is called drop point blade and has dual thumb studs. It has large finger grooves, tactile on lay, liner lock and lanyard slot. Former nylon sheath is included here. The blade’s length is 3.62-inches. When it is opened its length becomes 8.12 inches and closed length becomes 4.50 inches. The blade actually measures 1 3/16 wide and3 5/8 long. Gift-wrap is available if you order this knife.


  • The handle is a nice rubberized piece of work.
  • It is an everyday carry knife besides hunting purposes.
  • The knife comes with a case that is attached to a belt.
  • It is a nice hefty blade.
  • The back of the case has a belt loop and it works well.
  • The knife does not rust easily and it is sustainable.
  • There is no button. Once you open it there is a piece of spring metal that locks the blade open.
  • It holds an edge which is extremely sharp.

Caution about use:

5. 7OT cave bear lock back folding knife

It has 7Cr17 high carbon containing stainless steel clip point blade having nail groove. Its handle is old timer saw cut handles. It has brass pins nickel silver bolsters and also has back springs which are heat treated. It has brown leather and belt sheath. Its blade’s length is 3.9 inch (9.9 cm) and handle’s length is 4.9 inch (12.4 cm).So you can easily choose this knife for hunting purposes.

Its overall length is 8.7 inch or 22.1 cm and weight is 0.44 pounds. The knife is made in the USA and it is inscribed on the right side of the knife.

Incentives of using this knife:

So, in conclusion, it can be said that above mentioned the best folding hunting knife reviews are full of information that will make you thriller and pave your path of hunting animals easily. As a perfect tool is a good friend of an adventurer or hunter, you are in right site to get the right one. As a hunter maybe you need a budget binoculars for your hunting After reading the reviews of above knives, you can easily order them in site and make them your company in your journey. Hope, these best folding hunting knife reviews will cover more than basics criteria than you are looking for and will lead you to buy them without making any delay.

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